The Obama Years: Stagnation, Squander, and Surrender

By: Craig Chamberlain

Soon America will make its decision about what kind of nation we want to be, and hopefully President Obama can start planning what kind of post presidency he’s going to have. Will we go back to constitutional republicanism with its division of powers, limited government, and free market, or will we continue to morph into a social democracy with a leviathan like central government and a crush welfare state?

The choice is a stark one. Most Americans have made up their minds so it’s all going to come down to who is able to get their supporters to the polls in greater numbers. President Obama believes that he is entitled to another four years in office. Apparently he feels that the first time around wasn’t enough, the American people have to see the sequel. No thanks. The first term was by all objective standards an embarrassing disaster. His first term was to Presidential terms what Adam Sandler’s “Jack and Jill” was to movies.

President Obama came into office promising to fix an economic crisis. A crisis he was quick to remind, over and over again, that he’d inherited. We’ve spent trillions of dollars on stimulus, expanding welfare, Obamacare, and bailouts. We’ve got 23 million people out of work, and it’s more than that if we count the people who have simply given up looking for work. Inflation has weakened our currency and made everyone poorer. When President Obama took the oath of office gasoline, on average, cost $1.90. Today it costs close to four dollars.

Consumer spending, the backbone of the American economy, rose only .8% for September. Employment numbers are always below the mark, and most recent hiring are seasonal employment. Construction jobs for the summer, retail jobs for Christmas. We’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts. We gave billions to Solyndra, and they went bankrupt. We gave money to GM to make Chevy Volts that no one wants to buy, and we give money to lithium battery makers so their factory can sit idle. This administration has been wasting money it can’t afford to spend from the very minute it took office. If President Obama gets reelected squander and stagnation will simply become the new normal.

On foreign policy the administration has been weak as well. Following a proud Democratic tradition from George McGovern to Bill Clinton, the President has worked tirelessly to make America a weaker place and lower our influence in foreign affairs. If Theodore Roosevelt had the Big Stick policy, Barack Obama has the surrender policy. He kicked off his Presidency with the bow and scrape tour where he traveled the globe to seek out third world audiences, and like a medieval penitent, lash himself for what he perceives to be America’s sins.

What the Democrats think of as humility is nothing but President Obama pinning a big “kick me” sign on Uncle Sam’s back. Iran still pursues nuclear weapons, no matter how much he cozies up to the Mullahs. China still manipulates its currency, the Muslim Brotherhood has overthrown relatively pro western governments in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen and replaced them with governments that are friendly to terrorists.

Turkey, a member of NATO and a supposed ally, grows belligerent as it goes on neo Ottoman adventures. Then there is his insulting treatment of Israel. Our strongest ally in a volatile region won’t be our ally for much longer if President Obama gets a second term. And why should they be? Their very survival is on the line and the President acts as if he is ok with Iranian nukes raining down on Tel Aviv. More and more anti American governments are coming to power and our prestige is going down in the world. Who would listen to a country that’s broke and about to gut its military? Apparently it’s the only thing that President Obama is willing to cut spending on. Think of the United States as a stock, and ever since President Obama has come to office the world has been selling like crazy.

We know from the last four years what President Obama wants to do for the next four. And we can’t have it. We’re insolvent and weak and the President wants to give us more of the same. Enough of surrender, squander and stagnation.

Let’s vote out President Obama.

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