America’s future? Britain’s NHS plays God with care denial

By: Greg Halvorson

You’re 29 years/old, you have Cystic Fibrosis, you need an expensive drug in order to survive…. The government-run socialized medical system that – by law – must approve drug-requests deems your survival odds insufficient to justify the cost of purchase….They reject your request.

But hold on!

The drug manufacturer says they’ll waive costs–free, the drug is FREE.

But hold on!

The government-run socialized medical system that – by law – must approve drugrequests stands by its decision.

You’re dead.

~ ~ ~

True Story…. I wish it weren’t, but it is and, seeing as how there’s an election on Tuesday, it’s a plausible preview if Obama wins. Structurally, moving “forward,” there will be little difference between Britain’s National Health Service and the 150 agencies and bureaucracies created by ObamaCare…. between NICE, the Orwellian-named National Institute of Clinical Excellence, and ObamaCare’s Medicare-gutting ”Independent Payment Advisory Board.” Medicine is as much art as science… Because human beings are unique, so too is the manifestation of illness among them—uniformity in medicine is no different than uniformity in art. Imagine the government telling painters what kind of canvas, subjects, and techniques they HAVE to use when “creating” their work, then setting the maximum amount of supplies available, as well as the maximum compensation any artist can receive.

If you’re saying to yourself, ‘No one would paint,’ you’re correct. But the bigger question is, Who do we want making life-and-death decisions? How will we treat the weakest among us? Bureaucrats or physicians? Expendable “units” or precious lives?

Something to ponder as we head into the future…. What kind of nation will America be?

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