Ohio by way of Somalia: Dem Fraud Machine gears-up in the Buckeye state

By: Greg Halvorson

Friends, I really, really hate reporting on left-wing fraud efforts…. One wants to believe in ballot integrity, that this – America – isn’t some 3rd world rathole where juntas miraculously snag 90% of the vote from Shanty City…. But we have to remember, there are Americans who welcome this, and not only welcome it, but work toward destroying election integrity for two reasons: 1) they can’t win on the merits; and 2) they seek the power to destroy liberty by means of acquiring monopolistic power. The left has no virtue, no morals and, as in all things Alinsky, the means justifies the end.

Which brings us to Ohio, where ”immigrants”… errr, refugees…. have suddenly – miraculously! – taken an interest in politics. Yes, the exact same thing that I watched occur in Nevada – union buses off-loading non-English speaking “citizens” who were directed to vote for Harry Reid – is happening in Ohio–this time with Somalis…. These people don’t know amnesty from apples, and likely don’t politic because they don’t read English… And yet, all they need in order to vote is proof that they PAY A UTILITY BILL? …. One does not – repeat: does not – need to be a United States citizen – and thus an eligible voter! – in order to get a utility company to put an account in one’s name.

Yes, we’re a “nation of immigrants,” but inherent in “immigrant” is the notion of citizenship legally acquired. Now, in addition to the White Guilt Vote and the Moron Vote (not that these are distinguishable), we have the Foreign-Interloper- Bussed-in-by-the-SEIU Vote.

This is unacceptable. There is no word to describe the vat of emotions – anger, frustration, rage, helplessness – upon seeing ineligible mental ciphers, alien to American customs and culture, cast ballots for a man – Barack Obama – alien to American customs and culture.

That said, every four years, over 20 million actual Americans who identify as conservative – and who are registered to vote – fail to perform their civic duty…Voter I.D. laws – being fought tooth-and-nail by fiends empowered by sympathizers in black robes – are key to ending fraud. But until judicial activists can be struck down by higher courts, and until legislative bodies motivated to defend democracy enshrine integrity into law, there’s one – and only one – way to address it.


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