Obama and Democrats Steal Your Dreams, Success and Wealth

By: Joe Boyd

“Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks you’re crazy. Succeed, and he thinks you’re lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you’re greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesn’t understand.” -Robert G. Allen

The book Creating Wealth by Robert G. Allen was published in 1983 when I was a young man. I saw an advertisement for the book in our local newspaper and bugged my mom to get it for me as a birthday present. I had always thought of rich people as having a good life and I too wanted to know how I could attain a nice home, nice cars and be a millionaire.

According to Obama I was all wrong and my efforts were futile. There was really no point in me reading the book as our American free-market system of economic freedom and personal initiative doesn’t allow young people to dream and achieve. In fact, there was no point in Mr. Allen writing the entire book, especially Chapter 4 called “Launching Yourself Into Financial Self-Reliance”.  Obama believes in no financial self-reliance. In his financial world the creators of wealth are villains to be plundered and those that seek financial government-reliance are the heroes to be coddled with government pensions, healthcare and empty promises. In Obama’s world your boss is your enemy, success and wealth are marks of evil.

I already hear cries of racism from the progressive Democrats. Let me address my racism now. Obama’s mother was a liberal white woman. So was mine. Obama’s father was brown. So is my wife. Obama is of mixed race. So are my kids. I do not hate him because he is of mixed race. I hate his economic illiteracy and his lack of respect for hard work, private property and financial self-reliance. He simply doesn’t understand economics nor does he have a right to take what you and I earn, or attack our dreams, earned success and wealth.

This book did not by itself change my life. But it was a small piece in my quest to understand how the financial world works and to see if I could get to my own financial self-reliance.

I read the other books written by Mr. Allen and actually attended one of his seminars and met him in person. I have read hundreds of books on finance and eventually got a job in the financial industry. I always wanted to understand how money works so I could obtain a lot of it for myself. That is nothing to be ashamed of except in Obama‘s worldview. I guess I should only have resentment of rich people instead dreaming and working hard to become a rich person.

In my early twenties I obtained a degree in business and started working in a “finance” job for $13,300 per year. I actually paid 10% of this salary to get the job since no one would hire me. My salary was not enough to pay my rent and other bills so I had to get other jobs. I sold shoes and did other jobs I really didn’t like. Each day I went straight from one job to another job. I had a crappy basement apartment in Northeast Philadelphia and was pretty miserable. My weekends were spent either working or job hunting.

When I was in graduate school earning a master’s degree in finance, we were given an assignment to list our primary goals. My goals at the time were “financial security and material abundance”. The class laughed when I mentioned my goals. They simply didn’t understand the importance of financial self-reliance and the tremendous pride in not ever living on government funds.

I never considered myself entitled to what other people had earned. I also was never jealous of what an entertainer, businessperson or sports figure made or how little they paid in taxes. I was poor and miserable but that was their business not mine. I am glad to see people succeed and become wealthy, especially those that start with nothing.

Being financially self-reliant was always my goal. I understand the frustration of recent college graduates at Occupy Wall Street about not being able to find work. However, I don’t understand how anyone can feel entitled to what others have earned or to tell others how much to pay in taxes. (The taxes paid won’t go to you–they will go to government workers. Have you seen their pensions and benefits?). High income taxes prevent people from achieving their dreams and acquiring wealth. Raising taxes inhibits opportunities and has nothing to do with giving everyone an equal opportunity. Higher taxes are funds simply used to pay government workers more or to buy votes by politicians as much of it ends up in their campaign coffers.

I have worked in the financial industry for many years now and today I am a millionaire. I still believe I have the first dollar earned from my first job out of college. I have never earned big bucks but I have always saved. During my pursuit of creating wealth I never realized how easy it to lose everything. The government actions of today threaten to destroy the currency which means my (your) savings will be worthless. What a tragedy that all that I saved from 1983 to now would all be for naught. If this happens, I will probably still get up early everyday, go to work and save because I understand the importance of financial self-reliance. However, if the government takes ever more of my earnings I may just stop working. I’ll never live in a tent in a city park claiming someone else should pay for me. That I don’t understand.

Barrack Obama and many on the left are financial illiterates. Hopefully next week the American people will realize that Obama simply doesn’t understand. If Obama wins and government grows you can abandon your dreams of success and wealth.

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