Are you black Enough to Vote?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

As I had predicted months ago, the liberals would begin to play the race card. But I think it is way too late. Why would any liberal be dumb enough to vote for Obama. I know, because they don’t trust Romney.  You mean they are dumb enough to trust Obama! We know and without any doubt Obama is the worse president we ever had. FDR could give him a run for his money, but given today’s economy and vast potential… Obama wins the fish cake hands down.

Governor Christie is all excited about Obama because Obama gave him his personal phone number. Obama was going to cut out all the red tape for NJ. I think Christie must be sleep deprived or food deprived! The State of NJ is the first defense against a disaster like this. It will take weeks and months before all the claims are made and low interest loans are made to recover from all this destruction.  And I am sure the ambassador of Libya also had Obama’s Phone number and probably Hillary’s special number. But when it came time to call… there was no one to answer the 3:30 AM phone call. They were out campaigning. So Governor Christie when you make that call…. You might only get a busy signal and a lot of hot air.

Christie should be praising  President Bush. He set a great deal of precedence. Of course he doesn’t get much credit these days. But the real problem for New Orleans and Katrina was that the idiot governor wouldn’t let the help in. They were so focused on evacuating that they didn’t want help inside the city. Now this female governor was a Democrat. Not much was said about her. But after days of delay caused by the Democrat, President Bush finally sent in the troops over the objection of the Governor to send aid to New Orleans.  I am sure new rules flowed down through FEMA and all sorts of agencies that pretty much say screw the governor, get the aid in their at all costs. But I still haven’t heard about any aid that Obama sent in.

It will probably end up being taxpayer money to repair infrastructure items and taxpayer money to make loans to the taxpayers. This money will be borrowed from China because Skippy was too busy to build the economy in the last 4 years. He wanted to build a legacy in ObamaCare. He will get his legacy. It will probably come in the form of an Albatross.

So race is already trying to be played out by the liberals. Imagine if the Sandy catastrophe only hit Newark. Then we could play the race card. My guess is that more white property was damaged. And the power outages were not discriminatory. It went out for all people of all color and non-color. That’s the way mother nature is sometimes.

Already some idiots are blaming Sandy on global warming. When you sit in your house and look out and see trees bending over in the wind. Trees being uprooted, you have to be the biggest idiot on the planet to think that global warming is man made. If its man made, let me see man go out there and stop the winds of Sandy. Even if you shot Governor Christie out of a canon directly at the eye of the storm, nothing would happen. Except maybe you wouldn’t hear Christie over the noise of the winds.

They tried to play the race card by saying white males as a majority were voting for Romney. The majority polled were not voting for idiot Obama. Why should they. Has Obama done anything for the economy? Has he provided jobs to the white males in the last 4 years. It ends up he hasn’t provided much for anyone. No jobs for females, no jobs for blacks. There are a few part time jobs without benefits out there. 54% of all college graduates … Females, Black and white can not find jobs commiserate to their education out there in the Obama economy!

Obama cut the cost of living increase to all seniors on social security for 3 out of the last 4 years. And you know damn well if he had the election in the bag, he would have cut the COLA for the 4th year in a row! He didn’t discriminate against whites. He cut social security for all seniors… Black, White and Female.

Obama also stole from Medicare not just once but for the next several years. This effects everyone not just the whites.

I think we see a pattern, Obama is not discriminatory. He is out there to screw everyone as often as he can. Obama signed almost 1000 executive orders in less then 4 years. That must be costing all Americans a ton of money that we don’t have.

Obama has filed tons of lawsuits against states. This costs the states a ton of money and who really wins in the end. Every year  Obama chips away at the sovereignty of states and the liberal judges go along with him

It is time to stop the rolling bolder. The country is out of control and almost out of expendable cash.  Who do you want to straighten out the economy? You already know that Obama can’t. If the liberal media wasn’t in bed with Obama they would be tearing him and his policies apart in the press. They won’t even talk about Libya.

Libya is a shining star in Obama’s future. Protecting an ambassador should be the easiest chore to accomplish in the term of a presidency. All you have to do is send in the Marines and equip them with live ammunition.  Obama didn’t have time for that. Were any of these sacrificed  Americans White? Do they bleed differently than any other Americans?

I believe that any president or any one who runs for president who is as prejudicial as Obama should never be elected. The liberals want us to think that Blacks can not be racists. All you have to do is read Obama’s book and you know he is a racist. And if Ayers wrote the book for him he is a racist as well.

So it is time to get the racists out of the Whitehouse and elect a president that will treat all people equally. When we think we can treat some by a different set of rules and make others pay for it … That is un-American.

So get out there and vote and let’s bring equality back to this country. No beer summits, just let’s treat everyone the same. Now that would be original!

The clock is ticking, the ball is in your court! Is it time for a change!

About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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