Think about this when you vote (undecided voter)

By: Harold Witkov
For those who wish to do the right thing when they vote it can be confusing. To watch Fox News and CNN cover the same news story is like viewing two entirely different narratives. For every conservative blog there is a corresponding liberal blog. Newspapers post misleading headlines and take quotes out of context. TV political advertisements are masterful character assassins that distort facts and issues.
There is so much political spin about.  Which political party is who they say they are, and which wears a mask?
During this past campaign season, there was one moment in time when the mask fell off the face of one of the Party’s, and it cannot be washed away by political spin. It was not a gaffe, a quote out of context, or a fumbled answer to a cleverly delivered gotcha question.
It happened at the Democratic National Convention. The Democrats were catching political flack for having removed God (and Jerusalem) from their platform. They claimed it was an inadvertent mistake.
Seeking to rectify their innocent mess-up, the Democratic powers that be decided to put God back in the platform (  So on an afternoon in early September at the Dem convention, Democratic Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa needed and called for a two-thirds affirmative voice vote to put God back into their platform. Three times the voice vote failed until Mr. Villaraigosa, through selective hearing, deemed it passed. The phony procedure and God’s return to the Dem platform was soundly booed by thousands of Dem delegates.
The Dem mask had come off for all to see. Politics trumped legitimate procedure and God was booed.
Who you vote for this Tuesday should not solely depend upon what religion you belong to, how seriously you are committed to it, and what your personal definition of God may be. But do ruminate about the political party that took God out of their platform and then begrudgingly placed Him back in. And then contemplate that all-revealing moment in time the Dem mask fell to the floor and a multitude of little democrat-emperors stood with no clothes on and booed our Creator.
Think about this when you cast your vote and it won’t be hard to do the right thing.

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