What we lost on November 6th

By: Greg Halvorson

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of  America.”
~Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

Well, now that it’s over – and it is, OVER – I might as well add to the requiem vault. I made this list Monday evening before the last vestiges of the Constitution were steam-rolled by Zombies, and the lamp of Liberty grew dim. Many goodhearted patriots are bucking-up, dusting off their Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine quotes, but the fact is, ObamaCare – a colossal, debt-driven nightmare – will, indeed, transform America (as per Obama’s wish), and the radical quislings for whom he is sovereign will press forward on many fronts.

What was at stake – and lost – last Tuesday?

-Religious liberty and the Constitutional protection of moral conscience;
-Abundant, affordable energy–the key to economic prosperity and growth;
-An American military capable of protecting our national interests and projecting power, when and where necessary, around the globe;
-Affordable, accessible, and innovative health care based, increasingly, on transparent pricing, choice and competition;
-A federal budget that averts Fiscal Calamity the result of massive debt;
-Education policies that prioritize parental wishes and that which is best, in respective states, for each child;
-Tax rates that encourage individual initiative and entrepreneurial risk, as opposed to crushing, punitive taxes that stymie opportunity and discourage endeavor;
-Courts – including the Supreme Court – ideologically oriented toward upholding the Bill of Rights;
-An immigration policy that values LEGAL citizenship and creates disincentives to hire aliens who take Americans’ jobs;
-The sanctity of Human Life as a national priority;
-The sanctity of Marriage as a heterosexual institution;
-The sanctity of religious expression as a bulwark of American Life.

These were off the top of my head. Currently, every household in America wakes each morning to $130,000 in unpaid I.O.U.s the result of governmental malfeasance. Unmoored from the Constitution, eroded, morally and fiscally, by “regressivism,” the nation now sails uncharted waters. When I see polls showing that voters trust Barack Obama over Mitt Romney on energy, the economy, national security, and immigration, I’m truly aghast at the ignorance of my countrymen. Appalled by the stupidity of the American electorate…. Morons (there is no other word) cannot engender prosperity, and the idea that monopolistic Federal Power, run by a Fourth Rail of bureaucrats, will create wealth is absurd.

Barack Obama is to Freedom – to the Constitution and to individual rights – a disease. Those who think otherwise, who either are unaware of or in support of this unprincipled, anti-American demagogue, are a danger to the country.

And, to themselves.

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