Can America Survive?

By: Craig Chamberlain

Among political philosphers throughout the ages, Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Madison, and Hamilton just to name a few, it was an article of faith than in order for a republic to survive it had to be small and homogenous. The American expeirement thought to prove that theory wrong. We have a country that spans a continent, and a diverse population of 300 million. Truly, we sought to be one nation under God.

But are we? Abraham Lincoln wisely observed that a nation divided could not stand. It was true 150 years ago when we were half slave and half free. Today can we survive as a nation that is half tax payer, half recipient? Half believer half atheist? Half progressive half conservative? Half patriot half post modern? The question, as yet, remains unanswered, but it doesn’t look good on inspection.

we’ve gone from a nation that was founded and guided by Judeo Christian beliefs to a country where a major political party boo’s God and spits on Christian morality. And it’s that party that manages to win most of the elections. We’ve gone from a country where the constitution was the supreme law of the land to where it is now considered a racist , homophobic document written by  a bunch of old dead white guys. The nation was founded on the quaint notion of hard work, now half the population  demands that the governmnet take care of them. Why else would Sandra Fluke be a folk hero?

This is not good if you believe in God, the constitution, limited government, and the free market. After all this is one country and for the leftists power is a zero-sum  game. They got 50.3% of the vote and so now they have the right to trample the other 49.7% of the voters. Their rights- our rights- mean nothing. Only the radical transformation of America in their Godless image has any validity.

They don’t respect the rights of individuals or states unless it is the right to get on bended knee and kiss their royal ass. We’ve got Obamacare, cap and trade, tax hikes, gay marriage, a gutted military, and amnesty for illegal immigrants whether we want it or not. The left doesn’t have a history of respecting the freedoms of people who vote against them. To Democrats, conservatives are, at best, a group to be ignored, and at worst a group to be crushed. Does anyone really believe that a state is going to have the right to opt out Obamacare?

The trends don’t favor conservatives. Minority populations are growing. Marriage is becoming a minority institution, religion is becoming weaker and the Democratic party is becoming misotheist to the core, and young people believe that the federal government exists to give them free stuff. Thank you American educational system. Say hello to the United Socialiast States of America.

So what do we do about this 50/50 nation? It’s highly unlikely, given the demographic devolution of our country, that America will elect a conservative government anytime soon, if ever again. The best thing would be the federalist approach. Allow each state to takle the problems they face with their own solutions and resources. Live and let live. But progressives are not live and let live people. They’re not going to allow states like Utah, Oklahoma and West Virginia to dissent from the new progressive system.

The next option is civil disobedience and nullification. Conservatives could simply refuse to obey the law. About half of Americans didn’t vote for President Obama. What’s he going to do, throw us all in prison? He’d have to send in the army to enforce his will, and given the cuts to the military that’s not likely.

Then there is secession. There is a lot to be said for this option. We’ve split into two countries. We don’t have anything in common. We don’t live together, worship together, send our children to the same schools, or even shop at the same stores. we probably don’t even share a zip code. Progressives and conservatives were forced into a marriage of convienece. We’ve never loved each other, now we can’t even stand each other. We’re living in opposite ends of the house and refuse to speak to one another. It’s time for a divorce. Those who want to live in the progressive utopia of Obamaland should go there. Those who want to live free under limited consitutional government should be allowed to do so. We’re two nations being forced to live together under the same roof. That’s not a recipe for success. Now this isn’t going to happen. Any talk of seccession would be met with the predictable, but false, charge of racism, and compared to the old Confederacy. No one wants to be called racist, so no one will have the guts to do it.

Submission is the last option, and the most likely. Americans have been tamed by Washington. They might grumble about what the President is going to do but in the end they’ll accept it. In four years we won’t talk of repealing obamacare, there will be talk of reform, but then after 2016, we’ll give that up and move into the “me too” camp. In the end we will probably try to out Democrat the Democrats.

It’s disgusting that so many will roll over and die so easily, but they will. We’re two nations at war, one must triumph and one must perish. And I don’t like our chances. Welcome to the brave new world.

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