Original Argument: Maybe We should Stop Arguing and Just Fix the Problem.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Glenn Beck put together a book with an associate which is quite interesting. The Original Argument  is a re-make of the Federalist Papers.  If you are interested in reading what the founding fathers wrote to sell the constitution to the states this is the place. And what Beck and company did were re-write the Federalist Papers. Actually they just translated them into modern English.  Or maybe into American English.  And a good deal of people believe that the U.S. Constitution is a great document and we should leave it alone. If you read my book Is Now the Time for a Revolution, I probably don’t agree with those folks. Of course an idealist or a dreamer like Obama would imagine that 3 or 4 amendments would do the trick.

I think first we should open up a discussion as to what went wrong. President Madison and Secretary Hamilton and Chief Justice Jay had a mission. The states were already bound by the Articles of Confederation but they wanted something that would promote democracy and insure freedom and guard against the confederation becoming  a dictatorship or another monarchy.

I also sense that the founders for the most part were a bunch of noble men… Even though some had slaves! Fortunately GW and TJ appeared to treat their help with the utmost dignity. But as you read through the papers,  pen named as Publius there was a level of honesty and integrity that we really don’t see today  in our representatives and our judges. At least not in all of them.  So therefore most of the problem lies in the people that technically represent us today in this experiment known as a republic.

One of the main problems is that the founders were selling the U.S. Constitution to the states. It was more about the states and not the people. Publius believed that the States were in tune with its people. And if the States were convinced that the U.S. Constitution would save them money and not take away any of their power then the states would join the union. But they already had the Articles. I wonder if a state chose not to be part of the union would they still be held together by the Articles. My guess someone like Pelosi would come along and end the Articles and force the states to join the union just like they did with ObamaCare!

So to some degree each state was its own union. They made their own laws and protected their own borders. And supported their own militia. Some proof of this was that the senators which balanced the power between a large state and a small state were selected by the state’s legislature and not by the people of the state directly. This was made possible many years later by changes brought to you by an amendment.

So when we talk about states we are talking about the states’ legislature. So as a result of the U.S. Constitution the States’ Legislature actually became more powerful .  So if Publius could convince the states’ legislatures to join, it was a done deal.

So Publius gave more power to the folks running the States. And the idea was that the State was a smaller unit and the people would all be represented. Back then maybe they had town meetings and some people were “heard”. But most of these wards etc. were probably run by merchants, land owners and professionals. And they were the same folks that made up the state legislatures and in the beginning made up the U.S. Congress.

The idea was simple. It would only take 64 folks to run the congress. They would represent all the people of the 13 colonies. Assuming they were all honorable men, you might buy the argument that it would be cheaper and easier to have 64 people “run” the country instead of 2000 legislators in all the States.

Here is the fun part. They envisioned that the states would only have to levy a small real estate tax and that would eliminate the war debt and keep all the states solvent. There would not be any state debt. And the U.S. government would tax alcohol and commerce but would not tax income or consumption.

And all the rights remained in the states. The States were king and the Feds were there to regulate commerce, treaties and build a military. The Feds started with only  four bureaucracies.  Today Obama wants to create just one more bureaucracy. He wants to create the Secretary of Business. That would employ a whole bunch of our politicians’ friends and relatives and that number would bring us way past the original 64.

So the first set of new amendments would be to control your Judges and Representatives. And you can make all these rules that they will not follow. Just cut their salaries, expenses and benefits. Consider Frank and Pelosi, combined they have been in office for over 56  years. They have accomplished nothing for the good of the nation, and they will retire with more money then most kings could ever dream of. And will anyone dare try to cut their cost of living increase like they did to your social security three times in the last four years?

Publius envisioned the representatives being in session  for a 1/3 to a 1/2 a year depending on whether they were in the Senate or the House. They were not paid much.  In other words don’t quit your day job!

And a great deal of our representatives are like Obama. Basically people who have accomplished nothing in their lives and they want a shot at the brass ring. Which is some sort of power and exceptional benefits for life. And we can see they have not faired too well. The question is where did all these wacko liberals come from? In Publius’ day it was one for all and all for one. They were there for the good of the country. Today we don’t see that. Judge Roberts found himself in bed with a bunch of commies when it came to ObamaCare. Do you think you would like to have the power to let him go back to practicing law in private practice… If he ever did (14 years).

So the first amendments would limit the pay, and benefits for the Representatives. And their expenses should be limited. Frankly there should be no benefits that exceed the time after they have served in office. I bet that would limit the amount of time they are in session in Washington!

Also the amount of money they spend on their campaigns and or collect for their campaigns need to be limited. Something like a cap on pro sports salaries. The way it works now is that lobbyists from any where including foreign countries are free to shop for help by depositing money in the campaign coffers of our representatives. That should be eliminated or vastly curtailed.

We have too many lawyers. And all these folks keep making laws so we need to employ more lawyers. This costs everyone a great deal of money. Look at Clinton and Edwards, the integrity of lawyers today leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s stop funding law schools. As the number of lawyers decrease most of the problems we face each day will be eliminated. I don’t think the founding fathers wanted more lawyers in Congress. They wanted professionals, people that actually deal with real life everyday  issues. Not folks looking for the end of the rainbow!

The Judges can only be impeached or removed for bad behavior. So unless a Judge is found to be a crook or nuts, we are stuck with them. Judge Roberts was selected to side with the conservative wing. If he doesn’t then it is time to get rid of him. With today’s technology there is no reason why people do no have a  say in selecting who is the judge. And they should have a say similar to a recall to remove judges. Also the other problem is that the Supreme Court does not represent the United States. I would bet there are states that never had a Supreme Court Justice come from their state.  So maybe this lifetime appointment idea should be eliminated by amendment. And these folks should be re-elected by the people after each term or at least by the state legislators. But it is obvious that the Supreme Court in no way represents the majority of the country. And there is no way that the near majority of the Supreme Court reads the U.S. Constitution as it was intended to be read. Many of these half wits after taking an oath,  self-ordain themselves to read the U.S. Constitution the way they feel it should be read. I think we should be able to vote them out of office.  There are two amendments you need to work on if you want to get rid of people like Obama and Clinton who think their ideas go beyond the conservative and noble ideas of the founding fathers. Publius believes it is time for a change. It will not come from your representative… It needs to come by way of a vote for an amendment!

Are you ready for a change?

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