Most American Voters Are Stupid and Greedy

By: Joe Boyd

It’s freedom from government, not free stuff from government.

Barrack Obama is a radical and Americans will not vote for him. Boy was I wrong — twice!  November 6, 2012 is a day that will live in infamy.

What happened? Maybe American voters are no longer Americans. There are now more people in America that were born somewhere else. They didn’t grow up with stories of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They grew up in countries with big, corrupt governments and it was get whatever you can to survive. It seems those from formerly communist countries do have an idea of what harm a limitless government can do but most seem to come here to get (not earn) whatever they can.

The voters don’t revere the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Nor do our politicians and government workers. People in government will do whatever is necessary to get more money, more power and more job security. The voters will look the other way as long they are told the government will give them free stuff.

The elderly have sold their soul to the government. They will find that a fixed pension does not buy what it used to as the government continues to print money and increase debt. We have already seen inflation in food and fuel. When there are too many dollars chasing too few goods, prices exponentially rise in all things, but your income will not rise. What you used to be able to afford will be unaffordable.

Latinos know not what they do. About 70% of Latinos voted for Obama. Most came from countries with big, corrupt governments. They come to America and want a better life.  We should have totally open borders for economic exchange but we can’t have a welfare state that bankrupts the country. If everyone came here and supported themselves (as it used to be) then unlimited immigration works. However, the more the government gives to people (health, education, housing, welfare) the more waste, corruption and the closer we are to economic collapse. Can you remember how we used joke about the value of other currencies like the peso? Will the dollar become the peso?

Latinos are mostly Catholic. About 50% of Catholics voted for Obama. It is not possible to have Christian values and vote for Obama and Democrats. Christians believe in God, work, life and family. Democrats believe in lethargy, homosexuality, abortion and removing God from all aspects of their life. Christians are either confused or not really Christians and are voting for benefits not values. Maybe they are just plain greedy.

Anyone with a child or anyone that cares about children cannot vote Democrat. The debt being piled on is a burden to our current children and the children they will have. Parents always want a better life for their kids and by voting for government benefits and income now we are destroying their future. We all know single and childless people are more likely to vote Democrat. Maybe they are only thinking of themselves and not the kids.

And maybe that is what this election was all about. They want free stuff and if someone will give it to them they will vote them into office. The public treasury is supposed to be used to run the business of America, not buy votes, and not fund incredible pensions and benefits for government workers.

I fear American voters no longer have American values and will just vote for the person and party that will give them things. Greed is good in the private sector but not in politics. In the private sector you only stay in business by giving people what they want. In government you do you only stay in business by giving away other people’s money?

So how do you win elections these days? Put 50 million people on food stamps. Hire as many people into government jobs as you can. Give grants and loans to your friends who can give that money back in political donations. Give stimulus funds to government workers. Make sure everyone is unionized so you can take their dues to get re-elected. Get people hooked on government pensions and benefits. Promise more free stuff from government in the future.

Real American voters I know would not take public money. They would not want to take from their neighbor and get more benefits. They would not want to enslave the medical workers and force them to work for free or at wages determined by the government. If doctors and nurses can’t make a good living they will leave the profession and no one will be there to provide the free healthcare. Unless, of course, the government forces people to work these jobs.

One day we will ask,  What happened? We will look back on November 6, 2012 and realize it started then. Your money will be worth less and maybe worthless. Everything will cost a lot more. Food and necessities will be unaffordable and hard to find. You will be struggling to get by. The government will be unable to help as it will finally be clear the people in government are looking out for themselves, not you.

There needs to be a wall between the citizen and the state. The way back will be long and hard. We need an educated voting class versed in American values of individual responsibility. We need American voters to refuse to take the bribes from government. We need fewer people working in government. We need Christians of all races to vote Biblical values and not for short-term economic benefit. We need a media that understands economics (not in my lifetime). Should voting rights be reserved only for those that don’t take government money to erase the conflict of interest and corruption?

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