Obama: His Infamous Reelection!

By: Michael John McCrae

When I saw the news reports on “Obama Phones” I knew Mitt Romney didn’t have a chance. Soon, 60 million or so American morons will be sporting personal Obama Phones, paid for by taxpayers who pay up to $300 a month to chat with each other on non-freebie telephone services.

When I saw the news reports about the 47 million Americans receiving food stamps I knew Mitt Romney didn’t have a chance. Soon, 60 million American morons will be depending on such government assistance paid for by taxpayers who actually have jobs and support their own families.

Oh, before you start thinking that I believe Obama voters are the only morons in America, I offer the same title to every one of those 3 million McCain voters who stayed home and did not bother to vote in the election. That’s 3 million Republican morons you can lump into that 60 million.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons were for Mitt Romney not winning the election. The Republican Party is not the party of the freebie. The Republican Party does not buy votes. The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of limited government, limited taxation and limited regulation. The Republican Party is supposed to be the polar opposite of the liberal, socialist Democrat Party.

Yet, today’s Republican Party is surrendering to the belief that it must be inclusive. It must include the militant homosexual and approve of their need to call perversion “marriage”. It must include the illegal border jumper; giving them amnesty and refusing to protect America’s southern border. It must include the radical feminist; needing her free contraceptives and it must include all the other morons who still blame George Bush for trillion dollar annual budget deficits.

I watched both of the televised conventions. Yes, there was a stark contrast between the idealism of the Left and the Right: the Right promising opportunities for jobs, the necessity for energy independence, the need to roll back burdensome regulation, the need to scale back government spending and the desire for tax reform; the Left promising every one of their constituent special interests more free stuff, higher taxes on “the rich”, more regulation and more failed “green energy” projects backed by taxpayer money. And we shouldn’t forget the pending $22 million deficit once” Obamacare” is fully implemented and under the control of Democrat bureaucrats.

It doesn’t matter that liberal socialism is a proven a failure in every country that has ever tried to make it work. Equal opportunity is not the same as equal outcome. Socialism tries to level the economic field for everyone. All that socialism has ever accomplished is making everyone equally poor that was not a member of the party elite. The party elite had food, homes, educational opportunity and wealth. The typical population of the socialist country received poor health care, food lines, staggering inflation rates, high unemployment and substandard schools. This is what America is becoming under the liberal, socialist Obama Administration.

Is America lost? Not only is America at the brink of economic collapse, it has been brought to the brink of cultural collapse. Recent surveys declare Americans walking away from all the traditional moral values that used to define true liberty and personal freedom. Americans seem to be walking towards a culture where hard work and personal responsibility are believed to be archaic ideals. It is now the government that should be in total control in every aspect of society. Americans now, seem to be willing to turn themselves over to political dictate. They are giving up their individual rights and freedoms; expecting government to take care of them from cradle to grave.

Seems the only true beneficiary will be the graveyard.

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