Mohammed Morsi: Must Be Nice To Be An Islamic Dictator!

By: Michael John McCrae

Just finished reading an article from AP: “Egypt’s Morsi Grants Himself Far-Reaching Powers” and started asking myself how long it would be before I was reading an AP article: “America’s Obama Grants Himself Far Reaching Powers”, before realizing that is something Obama does for himself every day.

I still think Obama’s trip to Burma was simply to get tips on how to do dictatorship: sort of a “Dictatorship for Dummies” thing. But I see now that Egypt’s; newly-blessed-by-Hillary-dictator might become Obama’s mentor in all things dictatorial. Anyway, Morsi has declared that it is his way or the highway and no one is permitted to question any of his decisions.

Now, here’s a guy who will not talk with any Israeli diplomats and will not speak the name “Israel” yet is credited with helping win the recent cease-fire between Hamas and Israel. Meanwhile, some of the more outspoken members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood are calling for continued Jihad and murder of Israeli civilians.

Now, I bring this up for a reason. Mohammed Morsi and his ilk are considered the epitome of Islam; at least in their own minds. They are all that Islam should be. They are “normal” Islamists; calling for the heads of Israelis and celebrating exploding busses in Israeli cities; thanking Iran for all their missile support during the recent flare-up of hostilities. In other words, they are typical of what Islam is and what it teaches in regard to killing Jews and Infidels.

America gives Egypt money. America gives The Gaza, under Hamas, money. America is supporting Jihad-loving, “normal” Islamists who are not hiding the fact they are all friends with Iran’s arms suppliers. If that doesn’t prove the uselessness of Obama’s foreign policy initiatives or that four Americans, killed in Benghazi is simply some “bump in the road”, I am Al Gore and I have a ton of carbon credits to sell to you!

I want to know why the Obama Administration gives any money to any Islamic Theocracy. What has happened in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt is not democracy. It is Islamic theft of individual freedom. For anyone to believe the Muslim Brotherhood is anything but a terrorist organization dressed in business suits is to believe Iran when it declares the Holocaust is a tale of imagination.  All of those countries are being dragged back into the 9th Century. Syria and Jordan are now on the block for Brotherhood take-over. Al Qaeda is being permitted to roam Brotherhood territory and infiltrate Northern Africa with virtual impunity. According to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, America’s response to the spread of Al Qaeda terrorists will be limited, not proactive or preventative. America will simply “respond” to terroristic activity, much like we “responded” after the events of September 11th, 2001; only on a much smaller scale or much like we “responded” to the events in Benghazi, Libya; which turned out to be no response at all!

Yes, it must be nice being an Islamic dictator; knowing a sympathetic (Read: pathetic) American President will not risk going to war to protect a (personally despised) Israeli ally. They will be patient now that Obama has won a second term. They know it is only a matter of a year or so before they can re-gain all their losses in Afghanistan; fortify their positions in North Africa and have a chance of getting nuclear materials from an un-checked Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood (Read: Normal Islam) cannot wait to be celebrating exploding busses in American cities. After all, isn’t that what Islamic dictatorship is all about?

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