Conservatives Need to Hold the Line

By: Craig Chamberlain

It has been a dispiriting three weeks. President Obama gets reelected, and the Democrats actually make modest gains in Congress. And on top of it Conservatives are engaged in a cannibalistic frenzy in trying to assign blame for the election results. It’s natural even if it’s not helpful. I share the despair most conservatives have. I doubt we’ll ever get rid of Obamacare. At best we’ll be able to make some marginal reforms, and that’s if we’re lucky. Most likely this is simply step one to a single payer system that the President and his minions have admitted that they want. Right now the secretary of HHS is fairly unimportant, now thanks to our dear leader determining our health care he, or she, will become the most important single person in the cabinet. More important than the secretary of State, or Treasury.

We can expect taxes to skyrocket. The President wants massive hikes in the rates Americans pay in taxes. Explaining to the mentally retarded hordes of the Democratic party that we’re already overtaxed, and even if we took every penny from the millionaires we wouldn’t make a dent in our debt. But despite what the Democrats say this isn’t about cutting the debt or the deficit. It’s about expanding government and paying for the massive new entitlement programs that the President has already passed, such as Obamacare, and the entitlement programs that he has planned out for the second term.

But we already know this. We know what he wants to do in taxes, defense, foreign policy, and everything else. The question is what are we going to do about it? Have we become so docile, and so used to the government making decisions for us that we will simply roll over and die or do we still have an ounce of fight in us? I have to confess that I’m fairly pessimistic. I think Obama could announce the abolition of freedom of religion, and all the faithful in this country could bring themselves to muster is pass around a strongly worded petition condemning his actions.

Perhaps I’m being a little harsh. But 50 years ago any President that had nationalized health care would have been voted out of office. But then the electorate was different. Progressives have always understood that demographics matter. Change the demographics, change the culture, change the country. Progressives have never liked America so it was always in their interest to turn the land of the free and the home of the brave into a big version of Yugoslavia. Conservatives we’re either too afraid of being called racist or too busy salivating at the thought of cheap pool boys and farm workers to do anything about it. And now we’ve ended up here.

The GOP might be tempted to work with Obama. After all, they will reason, he won the election and the people have spoken. True he won. But that doesn’t mean we’re honor bound to give him a damn thing. The GOP is an opposition party. It’s job is to oppose. We didn’t see the Democrats lining up to work with President Reagan when he won 49 states in 1984, why should we surrender to a President who convinced blacks, Hispanics, and stupid people to give him less than 51% of the vote?

All of the GOP governors have said that they will not implement the expansion of medicaid or set up the exchanges. The GOP in congress should follow suit. It should award no funds to the implementation of Obamacare. If the President tries to go over their heads then he should be impeached on the spot. It doesn’t matter whether he’s convicted or not, but he has to be taught that he can’t govern like Raul Castro no matter how much he wants to.

If he isn’t willing to cut spending and be reasonable about tax reform then let’s go over the fiscal cliff together. Better to crash and rebuild than give President Obama anything he wants. If we have to be like the 2008 Detroit Lions before we can fix the economy then so be it. If we’re to be an opposition party then let’s oppose. Speaker Boehner needs to remember that we have a divided federal government. Congress doesn’t exist to rubber stamp the whims of the White House, and if the President tries to ignore it the Speaker shouldn’t be afraid to bring things to a crashing halt. Better that the whole country crash than we end up living in Obamaland.

Most importantly the GOP needs to remember that it won’t come back from this if its first impulse is to become “me too” Republicans. If they try to be Democrat lite the party will definitely consigned to oblivion. Over the next four years the GOP should only have one policy: give Obama nothing. If the Democrats don’t like get the voters to take away the House from us as well. Because it’s better to go down swinging than to turn America into a North American version of Sweden.

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