To Get Equality You Must Treat People Unequally

By: Joe Boyd

For economic equality you must subsidize the lazy and penalize the industrious.

Democrats want economic equality. They want everyone to be the same and have the same assets (exceptions are always made for government employees and their families, of course). This sounds great for unmotivated people but it is torture for people that want to get the most out of their lives.

We’ve all heard the story of the teacher that promises a C for everyone regardless of effort. The lazy students are very happy about this. The industrious students are very unhappy with this. How is this different from our tax code that penalizes working harder and smarter?

Is everyone the same? Does everyone want the same things? Does everyone put forth the same effort? Are we all identical? Do we all have to live in a collective? Why can’t Democrats stop passing laws, creating regulations, raising taxes and making court decisions that takes away our freedom and our assets? You can’t create economic equality through force. In fact, you can never have economic equality in this world and trying to achieve it hurts everyone.

It seems Democrats just want everyone to be average. It’s not okay to be exceptional. (It’s especially not okay for America to be exceptional).

Besides economic equality how can we achieve equality in other areas of life:

-Change pretty women’s faces to make them less pretty and more average.

-Make faster runners wear weights to slow them down.

-Not keep score so every contest has an equal outcome.

-Give all students the same grade regardless of effort.

-Pay every worker the same amount of money so there is no meritocracy.

-Make all ice cream flavors taste bad so they are all equal.

-Make everyone wear the same clothing so they are equally unfashionable.

-Make short people wear heels and tall people wear flats.

-Make special privileges for people with darker skin color.

-Make white people wear dark skin makeup and dark people wear light skin makeup.

-Limit available food to only certain things so everyone can only eat the same foods.

-Make all the kids go to crappy public schools.

-Make everyone have the same or similar jobs so no one has a better job. Make all jobs government jobs.

-Teach everyone the same worthless topics such as ethnic studies and diversity. If there is diversity how can there ever be equality?

-Make homosexual relationships the same as heterosexual relationships.

-Make everyone live in a  government-built apartment that is homogenous, stark and bleak. (Ever been to a communist country? Exceptions made for government employees!)

-Have low earners pay a zero or low income tax rate and high earners pay a higher income tax rate. Why take away the incentive to work?

Do some of these sound like they are happening now in America? Do they sound ridiculous? Then why does economic equality make sense

So much for the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. Why can’t we have a colorblind, merit-based society? Should  your level of success be determined by government workers? Why can’t we have a free society that rewards people based on delivering products and services that other people want? If you are serving others why is it wrong to be rich?

Diversity, Disagreement and Individuality

Democrats want diversity but they only allow it to mean skin color or some odd or unhealthy habits (see multiculturalism). There is no judgment allowed. That means you must agree with whatever some leftist wants and keep quiet about your brain’s natural analysis. Analysis, different opinions and freedom of thought are not accepted by Democrats. Acceptance and agreement must be achieved.

We do need more diversity but we need diversity in thought, economics, income, politics and media. People need to be able to voice their opinions especially when they disagree with the government or the majority.

People are individuals with individual needs, wants and dreams. We are all born with different gifts and inclinations. Should a natural-born athlete be held back so they can’t perform to the best of their ability to make things more equal? Should a natural-born singer have her voice changed to make things more equal? Should someone brilliant at improving the lives of others through business be held back and not allowed to be rewarded to make things more equal? Why do we have an income tax at all?

Do we want a meritocracy or do we want a crutch for the lazy but a prison for the industrious? Equality creates misery for the great and comfort for the indolent.

Having government take money from hard workers only makes the government richer. It funds welfare programs and makes more people dependent on government. That creates a dependent voting block and an unequal chance of government representation for the taxpayer.

Everyone is capable of greatness in their own way. Not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to get an A in life. The choice is up to each one of us how we will prepare, how we will perform and how much we will get rewarded. Take away the reward and you get much less preparation and performance. Hence, the entire world suffers and great things are never accomplished, all in the name of equality.

Even if everyone had the same income we could not achieve economic equality. Some people would save and invest while others would waste and spend. As always, Democrats have a theory of how to make the world better and end up destroying the place instead. Leaving people alone and free to pursue their own interests and rewards would be a much better theory and practice.

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