Foreign Policy Blunder

By: Mark Hyman

Conducting a nation’s foreign policy is an imperfect science.  Mistakes happen.

But the US role in toppling Hosni Mubarak as the president of Egypt may be our nation’s biggest blunder in years.

The Middle East has been a tinderbox for more than half a century.  But for the last 30 years there has been a tense truce between Israel and Arab states.  The negotiated peace between Egypt and Israel has been key.  But now the region appears ready to explode.

The US helped topple Mubarak.

●He was an autocratic leader.

●But he kept the Muslim Brotherhood under wraps.

●Religious freedom existed.

●There was a negotiated peace with Israel.

●And stability in the region.

Now Egypt is led by Mohamed Morsi.

●He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

●Implementation of Sharia Law is likely, ending rights for women, minorities and non-Muslim religions.

●Christians who make up 10% of the population are persecuted.

●Churches are burned (here, here, & here).

●He has seized powers Mubarak didn’t have.

●A complete dictator. ●Tensions with Israel are rising.

●And there’s the threat of a major war.

As the largest country in the region with 84 million people and the largest military in the Arab world and the African continent a Taliban-style government would be catastrophic.11/29/12 Foreign Policy Blunder

About The Author Mark Hyman:
Mark Hyman hosts "Behind the Headlines," a commentary program for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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