The Obedient Susan Rice

By: William P. Frasca

United States, United Nation’s Ambassador Susan Rice is the perfect example of Government gone wild, answerable to no one but the powers that be. She considered herself part of Obama’s untouchable squad of mindless demons and zombies, capable of doing, saying and performing anything dastardly and immoral, without any consequences. Well aware that they would be immediately protected by the Administration, including the main stream liberal media lapdogs but most importantly the color of her skin. This name calling racist remarks, line of defense, was immediately enacted, displayed, portrayed and re-enforced by editorials written recently in the Washington Post.

These so-called bigoted accusations and strategies are getting worn out and tiresome. This so-called white guilt is an insult to once intelligence. Their attempt to hide all malpractices, ineptitudes and incompetence enacted, by any particular race, creed, color or religion are actually demeaning, humiliating and undermining the individuals’ abilities to succeed on their own merits. This is not a game; if a person can’t handle the position then they must be replaced.

She only assumed (we all know what that means) thought that as long as the Teflon Dictator, Obama the Great was in her corner, cheering her on, telling her what he wanted her to say, while whispering sweet nothings into her ear she couldn’t be touched by the heathen hordes of human civility. It was quite evident with anyone with common sense and are able to use (10) ten percent of their God given intellect must realize that her talking points tour on all the major networks right after the Benghazi massacre was definitely not in her own words.

Her spin was verbatim with all the Obama foreign policy bureaucratic elite, reiterated by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that stressed it were an anti-Islamic movie that stirred the pot that enticed the mob, which escalated into an atmosphere of destruction on our Embassies, inflicting innocent, needless, senseless despicable death of our Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and the murder of three, other American fallen heroes, Tyron Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith.

Susan Rice unfortunately downplayed this tragic devastation by making total fool out of herself nationally and in front of the world, on center stage with a spotlight placed upon her head. Unfortunately during her fifteen minutes of fame she displayed a descriptive and disturbing mockery, of herself, by becoming labeled as Obama’s perfect little marionette.

She was very well trained and brainwashed while knowing her place in the governmental food chain of this Administration. Speak when spoken to, and never tell the truth or freely offer your opinion without being coached and rehearsed.

This philosophy is standard operational procedure used by most to survive the wrath of the devouring Socialist vultures led by David Axelrod of picking one, carcass clean to the bone, of anyone who disobeys and doesn’t follow orders. These words such as common decency, morals, humanity, compassion, human life, dignity, honor, respect, self respect must be immediately stricken from your mind and your vocabulary. You are appointed in name only with no free will, and can easily be replaced.

She is the product of Washington D.C. literally, born and raised, with all its defections and infections. Its just like saying our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has no ties to the Islamic faith, when he was raised and educated , at an early age to follow, participate and worship that faith. It’s just like saying he has no wishes, desires or aspirations to convert America into developing an atmosphere of Socialistic ideologies and programs, while manufacturing a realm of redistributing, when his mother, father, grandparents together with his educational mentor and hero Frank Marshall Davis were Communist sympathizers. Let’s call it for what it really is? Don’t hide the truth and sugar coat it? Remember this; a leopard can’t change its spots!

Anyone denying this has either swallowed the Kool-Aide, too obliviously clueless, or simply doesn’t care. The same goes for Susan Rice. An individual can’t be raised in and environment of corruption, thievery, greed, vanity, governmental deviants, lies, ineffectiveness, and the self serving, without it rubbing off on you. Her sick D.C. world is surrounded by a toxic atmosphere of poison that has the ability to create ruthless, unscrupulous deviants in all makes and sizes developing an incurable infectious plague with no antidote.

This analogy is so scary, but the similarities are frightfully uncanny it must be revealed. Their unconventional mentality seems to have produced a sick insane justification for their illogical, unorthodox behavior. Let’s go back in history, to the Nazi trials at Nuremberg. The prosecutor asked each hideous defender, the same question, “Why did you commit such heinous crimes against humanity”. Why did you kill, mane or torture without sympathy and good conscience without any human feelings or mercy? This statement was the repetitious answer given, under oath, to support their claims of innocence, “I was only following orders”?

Susan Rice did not commit any crimes against humanity, and she had nothing to do with the death and destruction initiated against our American Heroes or Embassies, as far as we know, but let’s ask this most pertinent question, “how far would she have gone, to protect Obama and this Administration”?

Our President Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One” has a strong desire to nominate her as our next Secretary of State, replacing her with Hilary Clinton. Is she worthy? Is she capable?

If she is confronted with the same scenario as Benghazi or faced with some other difficult hard pressed situations, needing immediate attention in the future, will she be afraid to act and make a decision? Will her hesitation or indecisiveness, place more Americans in harms way? Will she leave them alone, defenseless at the hands of our enemies, left to die as sacrificial lambs obeying Obama’s policies wishes and demands without question or protest by saying “I was only following orders”?

You’ll be the judge, because even if you are so naive as to think “Foreign Policy” doesn’t affect your life? Then one day you may find yourself one day speaking a different language, while saluting a strange flag?

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