Lemmings Over the Fiscal Cliff

By: Craig Chamberlain

No matter what happens with the fiscal cliff negotiations the GOP is going to take the blame. If nothing happens and taxes go up and non discretionary spending is slashed it will be the Republicans fault, not the ideological rigidity of the White House. If a deal is struck and the economy doesn’t improve the Republicans will get the blame for making a bad deal that hurt the American economy. Conversely if, by some miracle, the economy improves President Obama will receive all of the credit for averting a disaster. Partly that is due to his position, he’s the President and they get blame and credit even when it isn’t due, but mostly it’s due to the fact that the majority of the American media are a bunch of leftist lickspittles who would claim that President Obama discovered America if that’s what he told them to say. Now I freely admit that none of this is earth shattering in its brilliance but just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean that it’s any less true. So this brings up the question, that since the GOP cannot possibly get any credit for any good work they might do, what should conservatives do?

There options are limited. They can capitulate to the Presidents demands. They should avoid this option at all costs despite what some Republicans are saying. These voices are saying that Obama won, and the people knew what he was going to do. So give it to them, good and hard. Raise taxes through the roof, increase the debt, basically cause a total collapse to teach the people who voted for Obama a lesson. I understand the allure of this thinking. There’s something soothing about schedenfreude. While it’s soothing it’s not helpful. Deliberately wrecking the economy to teach the Obama zombies a lesson hurts the millions of patriotic Americans who didn’t vote for the jerk. We turn America from economic colossus into an afterthought. We shouldn’t be willing to do that to the country or to the people who still believe in America as a place of freedom. Just because the ruination of America is the Presidents endgame doesn’t mean that it has to be ours as well. So the GOP needs to keep two simple words in mind: no surrender.

The second option is equally unlikely. That the Republicans will somehow outmaneuver the President and get him to make serious concessions about the tax rates and entitlement spending. Not going to happen. In this battle the president knows that he has the high ground. He’s the President, the media is 95% on his side and he’s coming off being reelected. Why should he give an inch? More importantly I don’t see how someone like Speaker Boehner is going to get concessions from the President. Senator McConnell had the good sense to laugh at the White House demands but who knows what the Speaker will agree to? The only way the Republicans can hope to get a better deal is if, as zero hour approaches, the President gets nervous and thinks the American people will blame him. However for a President who has virtual control of the media(there are as many dissenting voices from Obama as there are dissenting voices from Hugo Chavez down in Venezuela.) he really doesn’t need to worry about getting the blame. The fascist storm troopers of NBC will spin it just right to somehow make all of this George W. Bush’s fault.

There last option is to go over the fiscal cliff. Would that really be such a bad thing? It would be painful but not nearly as painful as giving the President everything he wants. It would show that the GOP isn’t just going to roll over and play dead, I mean they’re going to get the blame no matter what so why not go over the cliff? Taxes would go up, but not as much as the President wants. We’d have spending cuts, no entitlement reform which would anger the conservatives, but no new stimulus spending either, and that would anger the President. Let him be angry. He’s nothing but a wannabe banana republic dictator and it’s time that someone show him that just because 50.3% of the American population is retarded, that he doesn’t actually get to govern like one.

The GOP needs to find a way to make the President actually take ownership of the economy. He’s been able to dodge responsibility and shift blame for four years(probably because just over half of the American population is retarded) it’s Bush’s fault, it’s Europes fault, it’s the ATM machines fault. And honestly I don’t know what’s more pathetic that the leader of the free world would bother to make such claims or that more than half of the American population would believe him. But despite the claims of the White House, and the stupidity of the Democratic voter, this is Obama’s economy and the Republicans need to try to remind the American public of that. The best way to do that is let the fiscal cliff come and go. You’ll not get a Marxist to compromise, and you won’t get the media to report the truth. It would be irresponsible to capitulate to the president and his demands so allowing the fiscal cliff to happen is the only real option.

Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something, a lot better. The President wants a blank check with Congress’s signature on it. He wants to use executive orders to raise the debt ceiling(how much longer until he just bypasses Congress altogether and starts ruling by decree?) and he thinks the reason that the American economy isn’t doing better is because we haven’t gotten enough of the snake oil he’s selling. The President is either a socialist thug or a moron, and you shouldn’t give in to either. So, yes, taxes will go up, the military will be cut to the bone. But we have a Democrat in the White House and this is par for the course. If the American people wanted something different maybe they should have voted for Mitt Romney.

We wouldn’t have a fiscal cliff at all if the Democratic congress of 2009-2011 hadn’t rubber stamped the presidents every whim. They made the mess so maybe the GOP isn’t responsible for cleaning it up. If Obama and the rest of the socialist horde wants to burn America to the ground in a fit of class warfare fury that’s their business. We don’t have to jump over with them, but maybe we can give them a push.

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