Obama: “If I Had a Son He’d Look Just Like…”

By: Michael John McCrae

Probably Corey Curtis and you might Google the name. Corey (Mr. Curtis) has the dubious distinction of having gotten six different women pregnant and “fathering” nine different children. He is also bereft of his parental responsibilities; failing to pay child support to the tune of roughly ninety-thousand dollars.

Wisconsin seems a very tolerant state when it comes to repeat criminals. Mr. Curtis has a rap sheet extending over an eleven year period that includes “burglary” with his recent bail jumping. The judge presiding Mr. Curtis’ case told him that he had to stop reproducing until the ninety-thousand was paid in full. If Mr. Curtis had been behind bars for his numerous other crimes, where he belonged, he probably would not have had the time to get six women pregnant.

It is a good thing President Obama has this guy’s back. Taking away the work requirement for welfare payments will greatly help Corey Curtis and the six young ladies who apparently don’t know of Obama’s “free” contraceptives or his continued support of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills. Corey can receive up to 99 weeks of unemployment compensation and then he might qualify for disability payments through Social Security as the man seems mentally challenged and quite sexually naïve. No sane person would make a bunch of babies he knew he couldn’t support. Right?

We might ask that question of Luther Crawford of Kentucky; another Obama “son” who claims twelve different children from eleven different girls who could not find free birth control or attend classes in “condom negotiation”. Mr. Crawford is only thirty-three thousand dollars behind on his child support payments so he may not need the full 99 weeks of unemployment money to catch up his debt. And in case you’re keeping score that’s 21 children with 17 baby-mommas and only 2 baby-daddies.

Not to be outdone is Obama’s third son; Mr. Desmond Hatchett of Tennessee. Mr. Hatchett has “fathered” twenty (yes, 20) children with eleven different women. Now, Mr. Curtis and Mr. Crawford do have a chance to catch up to Mr. Hatchett, as Mr. Hatchett has been behind bars for the past 40 months on a felony conviction, unrelated to his procreative efforts. So, for you mathematicians out there, we are up to 41 children with 28 baby-mommas and 3 baby-daddies and these three guys can’t be the only three sperm donors working their sexual magic in the mid-western United States.

Forty-one children have been born in the United States without a responsible father to care for them, provide for them and simply love them. Twenty-eight women have been left with the burden of raising the child; depending on a broken government; spouting broken promises. The last census of 2010 found that single-parent black families now outnumbered two-parent black families nationwide. The black voices, responsible to bring morality, dignity and personal responsibility to black men have been muted. Rather, we hear cries of racism every time someone suggests and black man stand up and take responsibility to raise children he has fathered.

Where are the voices of the feminists who should be defending the women who’ve been left in government dependency status? We know President Obama likes to lecture the nation. Where is the lecture to black men to stand up and pay what’s due?

No. His message has been and will be: “Don’t worry sons, I’ll tax the rich at ever higher rates and make sure all your children get a portion in food stamps, WIC, welfare, Social Security and disability! Well, Mr. Hatchett, Mr. Curtis and Mr. Crawford apparently believe their President and are perfectly willing to let Obama’s policies of redistribution act as surrogate baby-daddy.

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