Government Needs Limits

By: Joe Boyd

Like an unchecked parasite, government will always destroy its country host. 

Whatever Obama and the Democrats are trying to do has been done already. And it has never worked. Healthcare, welfare, food stamps, unemployment benefits, pensions, health insurance, student loans, unions, a bloated government workforce. This may win elections but leftist Democrat policies that increase the power and money of government and lessen the power and money of the individual always end up in the same place.

Welfare states are usually nice places to visit but awful places to try to start a career and earn a living. High unemployment, especially among young people and subdued economic growth is a sign of unchecked government growth and its massive debt. You want to make sure you visit welfare states when there are no riots by government workers and government money recipients complaining they won’t get their welfare or pension checks. Sounds like recent events in Wisconsin and Michigan?

We have plenty of current failed welfare states such as Greece, Italy and Spain. About twenty years ago the Cook Islands grew government to 60% of GDP and had massive debt. The local currency became essentially worthless hurting the poor and savers. Now the Cook Islands government cannot destroy their currency because they use New Zealand dollars. Maybe these European welfare states need to be dropped from the Euro and just use currency from another country that is fiscally responsible (if there are any responsible governments left).

The United States is on the fast track to currency collapse as well. Estimates are that America currently has about 22 million government workers. This is the largest voting bloc in America. Their interests are for government to grow, to get more revenue to secure their jobs, paychecks and retirement benefits. Somehow the private sector worker is expected to pay for them.

People often talk about “limited government” but what does that really mean? How can we stop the government’s destruction of the United States? Government needs to be limited in several ways:

1. Limited in types of laws they can pass.

2. Limited in number of laws they can pass or have on the books.

3. Limited in number of employees.

4. Limited in revenue they receive.

5. Limited in what they can spend.

6. Limited in what they can do.

7. Limited in issuing debt.

8. Limited in pay and benefits

9. Limited in term of office or length of service.

10. Limited in number of hours worked.

We all know the Constitution was created to limit the ability of the federal government to hurt the citizens. As we have seen throughout history the government always takes advantage of the citizens; takes their wealth, takes their freedoms and passes laws to increase government power and exert control over of the citizen. Is it possible to have people working in government that want less power and money for themselves? Possible but not likely.

Our founders knew of the dangers of an unlimited government. George Washington said that government was a like a fire that needed to be constantly tended and controlled but not let to grow out of hand. Thomas Jefferson said it was the natural tendency for government to grow and liberty to yield. Thomas Paine saw government as a necessary evil. These were are all warnings by our founders to what we see today. An unchecked government will consume everything in its path. There are no market forces to check government growth so man must impose limits on government.

A company can only collect what it earns from sales and can only spend what it receives. When what it receives cannot cover the cost of running the business, it will be reduced in size or shut down.

Government always spend more than it receives. It collects taxes but always spends  much more than what it collects. Therefore, raising taxes will not fix the budget. To make up the difference the government will issue debt or print money. The US government is doing both right now/

We all understand that each of us have a household budget and when we don’t have the income to pay our expenses we need to downsize. Government has an insatiable appetite not just for your money but also for telling you how to live, what you can buy, eat, healthcare, toilet, light bulb, thermostat, auto, etc. An unlimited government is not your friend and will eventually make an enemy of everyone not within the government or connected to the government. The public servants become the kings. Are we there yet? Can we stop the passing of laws? Can we stop the excessive government pay and benefits? Can we stop the ever increasing taxes?

The news programs seem to be fixated on Washington, D.C., politicians and government matters. I never voted for government to be at the center of my life or at the center of every news report. Looking to government to solve the country’s problems by giving them more money or by wanting them to pass more laws is the opposite of what will fix this country.  Can we kill the parasite before the host is dead?

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