We Never Learn

By: Craig Chamberlain

The atrocity at New Town Connecticut is a horror that shocked and appalled a nation, showing that, when it comes to children and their safety, we can still be appalled. Yet this monstrosity has taught us nothing, nothing at all. Dozens are dead and we take away all the wrong lessons.

With their “never let a crisis go to waste” mentality many in Congress, even some members of the GOP are calling for more gun control and a renewal of the “assault weapons” ban. There are many reasons why this is stupid thinking, but then the left is always looking for an excuse to erase a constitutional right. First of all their definition of assault weapon is very broad. By the time President Obama and the Democrats are done defining firearms anything other than a flintlock, muzzle loading musket will be considered an assault weapon.

The true assault weapons are already illegal. We have thousands of gun control laws on the books and they all led to an increase in crime. Guns are banned in Chicago and it has the highest homicide rate in the country. The left never wants to admit it but it’s really quite simple the more guns there are the less crime there is. The incredibly strict gun control laws of Norway didn’t stop Anders Breivik from killing 77 children at a youth camp in 2011. This is because many people, when it comes to the 2nd amendment overlook a very simple issue. CRIMINALS DON’T CARE ABOUT GUN LAWS!

Imagine if the principal of Sandyhook Elementary school had been carrying a handgun. If that had been the case then it is very likely that an entire class of innocent children wouldn’t have been slaughtered by a psychopath. It has now been revealed that the man who shot up a movie theater in Colorado back in July of this year had gone to two other theaters, but upon suspecting that there were armed people in the audience he kept looking until he found one where everyone was unarmed. And a lot of people died for it.

There is no tragedy so severe that it justifies the erasure of constitutional rights. Yet that is what the Democrats want. It’s all they want. Everyone of our constitutional freedoms is under assault by this administration. We can’t allow the actions of lunatics to infringe upon the constitutional rights of millions of law abiding Americans. Would we abolish freedom of speech because of the hateful words of a few bigots? Would we abolish the 5th amendment to get more convictions? Any sane person would say no. But when it comes to firearms we can’t outlaw them fast enough. Other countries have gone down this road, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, just to name a few and all saw their crime rates surge upward, no one was made safer.

Instead of blaming an inanimate object let’s blame the person using it. Our mental health care in this country is atrocious. We don’t diagnose someone until it’s too late, we can’t do anything with them until after they’ve snapped. We can’t force them to take their medication, we can’t put them in institutions to protect the innocents of the world. Guns aren’t the problem, the legality of the guns is not the problem. The problem is that we let the crazies roam around unencumbered and we end up with a classroom full of dead children.

There are many ways to protect people, abolishing the second amendment isn’t one of them.

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