The Year 2012… Farce, fiasco, fascism, and faith

By: Greg Halvorson

Well, now that it’s clear that the Mayans are no better than Dick Morris at predicting the future, I’d like to offer some year end – if not world end – thoughts. As a principled conservative, I’m generally aggrieved at the state of the world, but as a Christian, I’m joyful even in sadness, for sadness comes from worldly equations, and joy from the promise of Eternal Life.

That said, four additional years of a man whose goal is to transform America into a European socialist state made possible by ill-educated voters on the Government Plantation is cause for grief. I realize what’s in store: gun-grabbing, globalism, and government gangrene… The definition of insanity is repeating an act (see Europe) that led to failure and expecting a different outcome. But Barack Obama isn’t insane, he doesn’t desire a different outcome, he desires governmental omniscience, a reality too few fail to heed.

As to John Boehner and the GOP, a message: your embrace of leftist language, the word “rich,” and the accepting of false premises – e.g., that the top 5% of taxpayers paying 60% of all federal income taxes is somehow “unfair” – as well as your inability to articulate concepts – e.g., a capital gain is money made from dollars invested after they’ve already been taxed; Barack Obama has presided over the four largest deficits in American history; debt is immoral, etc. – is perplexing. Either you are grossly incompetent, grossly disinterested, grossly unprincipled, or in favor of bigger government… Which would it be?

And guns… None of the proposed “anti-assault weapon” legislation being bandied about by knee-jerk neo-fascists would have stopped the Newtown, Connecticut shooter from killing. Connecticut has stringent gun laws–the killer broke them. And, frankly, to hear liberals like Piers Morgan reject facts (violent crime has fallen precipitously as gun ownership has increased), and to see them reject the notion that a legally armed citizen is a deterrent to evil, is FRUSTRATING. These are the same people who believe that food stamps grow the economy, so it’s expected, but it never gets easier knowing they have a forum and that millions of people believe what they say.

Again, take back the language. There is no such thing as an “assault weapon,” for there is no inherent motive in an inanimate object. Why not “protective weapon”? Are there not millions of gun owners whose purpose in owning an AR-15 isn’t to “assault,” but to protect themselves and their families from threats? One person out of 50 million uses a gun insanely, and we allow the Left to stigmatize it with words? Until this ends, we will continue to lose ground. John Kerry as Secretary of State? Might as well be Van Jones or Louis Farrakhan or Richard Trumka (pick your Communist)… Kerry, if he could, would cede U.S. sovereignty on everything from global carbon taxes to gun rights to the sexualization of children, to the U.N., and is nothing if not the Poster Boy of what the Founders warned us against. A man this committed to using absurd rhetoric to undermine U.S. interests would be shunned in a sane world. Instead, he’ll represent America, which he holds in contempt, on the world stage.

Where’s Hillary? Why, three months after four Americans were killed by terrorists in Benghazi, and Susan Rice lied, and Jay Carney lied, and Barack Obama lied, and Hillary herself lied about some cockamamie video being responsible–why, when we now KNOW that it was a terror operation, that the video had nothing to do with it, and that requests for additional security – on 9-11 – were ignored–why has she silently, and sans fanfare, disappeared? Apparently, “I fell and hit my head” is the new government version of “the dog ate my homework.” And the media? Please, Mrs. Clinton is a Democrat.

Barack Obama in 2008 was the most liberal Senator in the United States Senate, and as president has been the anti-American Marxist demagogue I – and many others – knew him to be. Recall that in a 2008 interview with Charles Gibson, Obama confirmed that he would increase the capital gains tax-rate even if doing so were to decrease tax revenue. His criteria of “fairness” tells us that he would rather that people be “equal in misery” than “unequal in prosperity”… Our president. Time’s Man of the Year.

ObamaCare. What would a year-end manifesto be without the Mother of All Mistakes being succinctly summarized in a single word? DISASTER. Or two words: Fiscal calamity… Or three words: Coverage isn’t care… Or four words: Religious liberty under fire… Or five words: Say goodbye to your physician…

I could continue, enumerating an additional line for every liberal in Congress, but who was it who sold American medicine down the river? Why, John Roberts… Hope his Christmas was swell! Health care unionization is about to spike, premiums are up nearly $3000 nationally, a half-trillion in new taxes is about to misallocate capital, destroy jobs, cripple innovation, and fund 150 new health care DMVs, but John is great. His health insurance, his access to a doctor, his ability to choose among multiple plans—unaffected. What’s good for the political class is not good for you, your family, or the hoi polloi, understand. They work for us, we’re told, but in reality, they work for each other, and the blissfully unaware who support their own demise are the ones who, in the end, are first to grieve.

My New Year’s Resolution? Act courageously. Influence my own sphere. In Matthew chapter 5, verse 16, Jesus says, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Barack Obama can extinguish light. But not that one… I resolve to shine in God’s name.

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