Republicans are the Walking Dead, They Just Don’t Know it

By: Craig Chamberlain

I like to think that I see things with a clear eye, but I’ll admit that it’s possible that I’m being overly pessimistic. But I don’t see much hope for the GOP in the future. Note that I didn’t say conservatism has no future, the ideology will survive even if it hangs up a different shingle. But right now the GOP is like the old Federalist party after their convention in Hartford Connecticut in 1813, from then on they suffered nothing but defeat until the party finally disbanded in 1820. The Federalists, being the conservative party, eventually coalesced into the Whig Party, and when that fizzled out in the 1850′s the conservatives got together in the Republican party.

Now, I’m not going to give a history of the GOP. That is pretty well known. And maybe, just maybe, the current funk is just another down in a history of ups and downs. If the GOP is to survive then it must diagnose the problems that beset it and fix them, and fix them quick or what’s left of the opposition to the Democrats won’t be big enough to fill a couple of booths at the local Denny’s.

Conservative parties, past and present, fail because conservatives are not party first people. We’re not wired that way. Party loyalty, party power and party unity are for collectivists and revolutionaries not a bunch of individualistic evangelicals and libertarians. The problem is this leads to divisions and allows us to lose races that we could have won. I like the zeal of the Tea Party, as well as their goals, but there are times that I have to question their judgment. In the past two elections they’ve nominated a woman who had to deny charges of witchcraft, the one person in the state of Nevada who couldn’t beat Harry Reid, and a Congressman in Missouri who didn’t think that rape could make a woman pregnant. It’s no wonder the Democrats control the Senate when that’s what we’re throwing at them. It’s like marching into battle wearing a bulls eye around your chest and chanting “shoot me! shoot me!” as you march to the enemy lines.

We got killed in the last election because we were an unorganized mob and the Democrats( for all of their flaws) were an organized fighting force, an army dedicated to getting President Obama reelected. There’s something to be said for party first and we shouldn’t be too proud or too stubborn to learn from our enemies. We need to stop these idiotic civil wars between the tea party and the “establishment” or RINO’s. Our best successes were when the party can actually agree on something, and recently we haven’t been able to agreee on anything much at all. I think all would agree that it is in the best interest of conservatives to win races for the GOP, because, and I know this is really profound, if you don’t win, you can’t govern. Perhaps I’m being a cynic but it seems to me to be the strategy would be to nominate whoever has the best chance of winning, not who passes the purity test with the highest score.

That being said the party needs new leadership. Speaker Boehner has been out fought and outflanked at every skirmish with President Obama. The Speaker seems like a nice and decent man it just doesn’t seem like he’s cut out for leadership. He seems like a man who is more interested in his tan and his golf game than in political victories. The fiscal cliff couldn’t be a more clear example. Obama got everything he wanted and the GOP got a 60 day delay on spending cuts to the military, cuts that will happen because the President wants them to. After the 2014 elections Boehner has to go.

The party needs to organize better. As I pointed out above it’s not really in our DNA, but it’s something we’d better learn. The traditional methods used by Karl Rove and Dick Morris led a lot of conservatives to believe that a Romney landslide was coming. It’s too unpleasant to talk about election night, but we all know what happened. The President got his supporters to the polls, we didn’t. That has to change. I don’t care if we have to herd them there with a shotgun, we have to do something.

Next we have to give a message to the middle class that is more than tax cuts, and a message they can understand. Economics is not a subject most people understand but the Democrats have mastered the economic sound bite. And let’s be honest: class warfare works. If it didn’t Mitt Romney would be preparing for his inauguration. The middle class has to know that we have their backs, that we’ll help jobs stay in this country, and that we’ll do something about wage stagnation.

The GOP must do more to nominate and elect minority candidates. I’m not talking about a quota system, or token members, and I’m not naive enough to believe that the GOP can win the black or hispanic vote, but the white middle class vote is no longer enough. The media is going to call us racist no matter what we do, and call minority Republicans
Uncle Toms or House Servants so we should ignore them. After all it only shows how scared they are that we could attract minority voters if we actually put some effort into it. The more Tim Scotts and Marco Rubios we elect the better it is for us, sure it won’t make NBC like us any better but who cares?

The GOP is in bad shape and if it doesn’t fix things now the Republican party will only be relegated to the history books and since the left writes those all they will have to say is that it was a party of white racists and woman haters. I’d rather the ending for the GOP, if there be one, be a different one.

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