The Left’s Target of the Week

By: David Bozeman
We could make this a regular feature.  Just recently we profiled   Papa John’s Pizza, whose founder and CEO remarked that Obama-care might force   franchises to cut employee hours.  They, of course, have been enduring   threats of boycotts and verbal spitballs from various precincts of the   left.  Papa John, lest you didn’t know, is the modern-day version of Mr.   Potter of It’s a Wonderful Life fame.
This week’s focus of derision is a seemingly benign arts and crafts chain   named Hobby Lobby.  It’s owners, the Green Family, were recently denied   an exemption from providing, through their insurance plan, morning-after and   week-after birth control pills for their employees.  US District Court   Judge Joe Heaton claimed a compelling national interest in requiring the   mandate.  Furthermore, Hobby Lobby and it’s sister company, Mardel, Inc.,   do not qualify as religious organizations. And in late December, Supreme Court   Justice Sonia Sotomayor (who handles emergency requests for the 10th Circuit   Court of Appeals) also denied a temporary injunction against the mandate.
Hobby Lobby is standing firm.  According to latest reports, the   company will face daily fines of over a million dollars a day in lieu of   compliance.  And the rest of the story just writes itself. . .
The comment sections at The Huffington Post and The   Daily Beast offer such informative, engaging nuggets as:  Just one   more company not to do business with; Retards; As an employee, they are a load   of crap; Hypocrites — hiding a business decision behind a religious   facade.
Because the story broke during the holidays, it didn’t garner the   attention of, say, Wal Mart, Chik-Fil-A, Hostess, McDonald’s, etc., and their   violations of liberal orthodoxy.  The company has suffered some mild   rebukes editorially and on the political roundtables.  Nonetheless, the   aforementioned comments are the unfiltered sentiments of liberalism’s   leadership.  Elected Democrats and editorial writers, conversely, feed   off the emotions emanating from members of their base, creating an unbroken   and electorally potent circle of bile-spewing hatred.
The practicalities of Obama-care are seldom examined, as discussions   quickly devolve into name-calling and invective.  Sadly, not that many   Americans care about the constraints placed on a private company.  After   all, what’s Hobby Lobby got to worry about, they got plenty of   money?  Another comment sarcastically read “Oh, poor persecuted   Christians.  Woe is them.”  How telling that your neighbors’s   freedom matters so little in an election year, while voters giddily tell   pollsters that Obama cares about ME!  Such is the navel-gazing vision   illuminated by the left.
Interestingly, Judge Heaton did remark that he was “not unsympathetic” to   Hobby Lobby and that Obama-care raises “concerns and issues not previously   confronted by companies and their owners.”  No kidding!
2013 will no doubt see many surprising companies and   institutions in the left’s crosshairs.  But despite their voting   patterns, Americans love stores like Hobby Lobby and Wal Mart, they crave Papa   John’s pizzas and Big Gulps and they drive gas-guzzling SUVs.  Even in   victory, the left rages on, battling sensibilities and institutions dear to   millions.  For every owner of a Hobby Lobby or Papa Johns, there are   millions working to fill his shoes or become his competitor.  That is the   spirit that we as a nation should nourish, while tuning out the ravings of   those at war, not just with individual companies, but with America itself.

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