Armed & Hypocritical

By: Mark Hyman

I recently spoke of high-profile people who are complete hypocrites when it comes to the gun issue (here).  They should possess firearms — even illegal ones.  But not you.

Even some media — who claim to tell you the truth — are among the hypocrites.

NBC’s David Gregory is the face of media hypocrisy.  He mocked the idea of armed guards at schools. But there are 7 armed guards at his children’s school.

[This doesn't even include the armed Secret Service agents stationed at his children's school which is one of the nation's most expensive -- and elite -- private schools because this is where the Obama daughters attend.  The school has its own private security force of 11 personnel including the 7 armed guards.]

[David Gregory probably believes his children have greater human value than the children of the NBC television audience.]

On Meet the Press he broke Washington, DC gun laws even after DC police denied permission to display a banned 30-round ammo clip.

Carl Rowan was a nationally-syndicated Washington Post columnist who argued for gun bans and mandatory jail sentences. But he said he was justified for shooting — with an illegal handgun — a teenager skinny dipping in his pool.

The [White Plains,] New York Journal-News published the name, address and map of every registered handgun owner in the surrounding area. Former burglars say that tells crooks who they should rob.

[The Journal-News contact information is here.]

[A clever blogger turned the tables.  He published the names, addresses and satellite images of the homes of the reporter, the publisher and the CEO of the parent company: Gannett.]

The newspaper has an armed security force.  And the reporter who wrote the story has a New York City hand gun permit.

As for NBC’s David Gregory, journalists went nuts saying he shouldn’t be prosecuted for breaking a gun law (here, here, here, here & here).

[Columnist Howard Kurtz was one of those who promoted the absurd and totally hypocritical argument that Gregory's gun law violation was acceptable.]

Their argument?  He’s not guilty by reason of celebrity.1/10/13 Armed & Hypocritical

About The Author Mark Hyman:
Mark Hyman hosts "Behind the Headlines," a commentary program for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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