America’s Future is Bleak

By: Craig Chamberlain

Conservatives, seeing themselves as the heirs to Reagan, like to constantly point out that Reagan was an optimist and we should be as well. The problem is, I’ve never been a very good optimist. I grew up in a family of pessimists, and you know what? We’re usually right. Things rarely get better, government never gets smaller, people never learn, and conservatives never win. It’s time for some realism, which is what Reagan’s world view really was. He wasn’t some bright eyed pollyanna who knew that everything was going to come up roses. He could be hard headed in dealing with the Soviets and in dealing with the Democrats.

To be realistic means that we have to look at the situation and strip it of wants and hopes and look only to the facts. We must be objective or we’ll never see the truth. And the truth for conservatives isn’t pretty. Obama got a majority of the American people to reelect him, the Democrats gained seats in the Senate, and truth be told, if it weren’t for redistricting we probably would have lost control of the House and Nancy Pelosi would be back in as Speaker. Seventy percent of Americans believe that Roe V. Wade was a positive for American culture and the law. More and more Americans, when asked about their religion are answering “none”. None of these things bode well for conservatives.

The left has always been good at playing the long game. At playing chess and looking 20 moves ahead. Obama got 95% of the black vote, 2/3 of the hispanic vote and 2/3 of the Asian vote, and got single women to vote him in. This wasn’t by accident. The Democrats, racists that they are, want white people to be in the minority. So they opened the flood gates to mass immigration to increase the minority population and change the political culture. Change the demographics and you change the culture, change the culture and you change the politics. Minorities, for the most part, don’t have much invested in this country and really don’t care how things are going as long as there is plenty of government freebees for them. This notion, that we conservatives keep telling ourselves, that minorities are natural conservatives all we need to do is reach them, is nonsense. Minorities are well to the left of most Americans on just about every issue. It’s that way in most nations. The minorities overwhelming vote for left wing parties. Look at the Indian and Pakistani populations in the UK, they aren’t voting for the Tories. The Algerians and Moroccans in France go for the socialists. Minorities become a permanent part of the left wing coalition, that’s why Democrats are so hostile to the idea of securing our borders and why the Republican vote will only continue to shrink.

And why shouldn’t it? Your typical American child is a serf on the Democratic manor from the time he takes his first breath until the day he takes his last. The infamous Democratic ad “the life of Julia” wasn’t a misunderstanding but a perfect encapsulation of the Democrats world view. Our children are taught in schools to hate America, to believe white people are evil, to hate Christianity, to hate capitalism, to hate individual freedom, to hate anyone who is not agreeing with them. America’s education is no longer fact based, it is hate based. They can’t tell you the capital of Michigan or who wrote the Declaration of Independence, but they can tell you that if we don’t lower the thermostats the Polar Bears are going to die.

And we do nothing about it. We whine about school choice, but that’s never going to happen, so in the mean time we pay taxes to have our children educated to reject everything that they have been taught at home. Quite a racket. Just wait until they get to University. So it’s no just the minorities who will be permanent voters of the Democratic party, it’s the future generations having their brains turned to mush in Americans schools, who won’t be able to find work, and spend most of their adult lives on government assistance. Trust me, no one getting a government check is going to vote for the party who wants to cut entitlement spending.

America is getting weaker, both economically and internationally. The hate America crowd which currently occupies 1600 Pennsylvania ave. thinks that America must be punished and the world will just be safer if a kinder gentler America made in the image of our new lord and savior(forget the babe in Bethlehem, we have a messiah who’s with us now) that won’t do silly things like defend ourselves or our allies or seek to remain the economic engine of the world.

By the time Obama is finished America won’t have the military might of France, and they’re already showing more backbone than we are, and we’ll be lucky if we’re on the same economic level as Greece. The GOP isn’t competent enough to successfully oppose Obama, and will probably never see electoral success again, and even if they do manage a win here or there they’ll never be able to undo what Obama did. They couldn’t roll back the New Deal or the great society, we’ll have Obamacare with us until we just go to a single payer system(that will probably take about 15 years) and the conservatives will just roll over and take it.

Conservatives don’t need optimism and the idea that they can outlast Obama, we need to go treat his presidency as the mortal threat that it is. Either progressivism goes up in flames, or conservatism is buried and will never rise again. But seeing that most people are Ok with Obama and his agenda I’m betting on the latter.

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