The American Spring

By: David Tatosian
It is apparent that the current American government is committed to it’s interpretation of the way forward.

This fearless method of bringing democracy to American citizens appears similar to this government’s efforts to bestow democracy throughout the Muslim middle east during it’s (the American state’s) Arab Spring campaign.

After four years of Obama, one can’t deny his indirect and direct support, including money, arms, jet fighters and tanks for his jihadi Muslim Brotherhood allies. Nor can one deny the degenerate influence domestically of Muslim Brotherhood groups like Council on American-Islamic Relations, Islamic Circle of North America and enablers like republican Grover Norquist, through governmental appointments ranging from DHS to the State department.

One can puzzle, momentarily, at the silent response of Obama and his well paid propagandists when Christians are killed by their Islamic jihad allies. Until one recalls Obama’s contempt for all things Christian right here in the American homeland. Well, Christians that don’t look like Obama anyway. (Although one should question the silence of the American Christian community regarding those deaths too.) Clearly, the murder of Christians resulting from the Arab Spring is less than a bump in the road to forward.

And, as Obama’s commitment to the freedoms guaranteed by the Arab Spring  necessitated his arming, funding and supporting jihadi groups, (under the watchful eye of McCain, Graham and others) the same groups whose members had killed American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, one should assume his commitment to the American Spring would require no less support for groups who also kill Americans right here. Like the drug cartels and their subsidiaries.

The cartels already rent corridors running across our southern border. They own politicians and law enforcement personnel at the local state and federal level. What would prevent Obama from supporting the cartels in their continuing efforts to move bodies, drugs and weapons across our borders?

Surely Obama would consider them no less worthy of support than the Muslim Brotherhood.

Wouldn’t that support encourage those cartels, those entrepreneurs, some of whom are already trained and equipped by the Pentagon, DOJ and whatever other powers slither below our southern border, to enlist their network of gangs to aid Obama in his way forward?

Wouldn’t the US Chamber of Commerce and the Catholic Church applaud the, um, cartel freedom fighters for doing the work Americans won’t do?

Certainly McCain and Graham could be there to support those freedom fighters against Napalitano’s designated enemies of the state. And, when the going got rough, why wouldn’t the various police commissioners and sheriffs, some of whom now swear fidelity to those designated enemies, simply shrug their collective shoulders, deputize these noble warriors and keep collecting their checks?

For example: let’s assume there is a community of a few hundred designated enemies out somewhere in the countryside. The military, federal law enforcement and even some locals are eager to get at them. But cooler heads prevail. The military calls in air strikes, and artillery till what was once a community is now a smoking patch of bare ground. At that point, the freedom fighters would, with the help of drones and such, go in and mop up whatever’s left.

And the other ethnic gangs, er, I mean freedom fighters. Wouldn’t they want a piece of the great move forward?

You bet they would. And they’ll get it. After all, there’ll be plenty of designated enemies in the cities and suburbs that’ll need attention.

And what are the republicans doing during the great march forward?

The same thing they always do. Nothing.

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