Two Americas

By: Mark Hyman

Why is the government trying to portray the public as the enemy?

In early 2009, the Department of Homeland Security issued a document warning of an alleged threat to the U.S. posed by “domestic rightwing terrorists.” The terrorists included individuals who are pro-life, support the Second Amendment and oppose the flood of illegal aliens.

The DHS pamphlet also singled out military veterans for possible recruitment into domestic terrorist cells.

Last year, an Army instructor of modern warfare at Ft. Leavenworth wrote an article describing who the US Army will be fighting in the next two decades.

The next war will take place on U.S. soil. Against the “tea party movement.” He actually uses that term. The Minutemen — a secure borders organization — he also tosses into this cocktail of government enemies. Along with the KKK, militias and other right-wing groups.

This disturbing pattern continues.

Days ago, the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy issued a document warning of the terrorist threat posed by Americans who believe in individual liberty and Constitutional principles, are evangelical Christian, pro-life, conservative and those scary Catholics who oppose abortion.

The document’s author lumps these groups in with neo-Nazis, Skinheads and the KKK to make certain you know they are all evil. And pose a threat to government.

About The Author Mark Hyman:
Mark Hyman hosts "Behind the Headlines," a commentary program for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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