Rubio Wrong on Immigration

By: Craig Chamberlain

Republicans never learn. We keep falling, like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football, for the amnesty trick. It attacks the GOP on two fronts. The first is that illegal’s are already here, they aren’t going anywhere, so we might as well just give them legal status now and be done with it. Once we give them that, the open borders crowd assures us, then we can have a nice talk about border security.

Even President Reagan, who was normally an astute politician, fell for that argument. He signed an amnesty in 1986 when there were only about three million illegal immigrants in the country. Guess what? There were no real border security triggers in the bill, the border stayed wide open and the amnesty acted like a bat signal so that now there are somewhere between 11-14 million illegal immigrants in the country.

Amnesty is not a solution to the immigration problem in America. Enforcement, however, actually has a track record of getting things done, despite what Senators McCain and Rubio might say. And make no mistake the Rubio plan is amnesty. In fact, it’s little more than a rewrite of the McCain Kennedy plan of 2007. We do have a choice beyond amnesty and surrender. We can choose to enforce our laws and protect our national sovereignty. When Arizona passed a get tough law on immigration illegal border crossings into Arizona plummeted. When California built a fence across its border with Mexico(this was before California was a failed state) illegal crossings fell 97%.

Not only did crossings go down but many illegal’s left America for their home country when Arizona stripped businesses of their licenses if they knowingly hired illegal immigrants. Enforcement works, we don’t need an amnesty to handle the immigration problem all we have to do is enforce the immigration laws we already have. We’ve just never had an administration that was willing to enforce those laws. Every president has been open borders since immigration has been an issue. They don’t want to alienate the hispanic vote, which brings us to the second argument.

The second argument goes something like this: hispanics are natural conservatives. They are strong on church and family values and they’re natural entrepreneurs Hispanics would be natural Republican voters if not for all the GOP attempts to chase Hispanics out of the country. At least that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. The reality is far different. First let’s shatter the myth that Hispanics are conservatives. Yes, there are conservative Hispanics. They’re mostly cubans who identify with the GOP because of it’s anti Castro stance. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and the rest of them are solidly Democratic. That’s why President Obama got two thirds of the hispanic vote. There are only four prominent conservative hispanics elected to high office in the U.S. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Susanna Martinez, and Brian Sandoval. It’s good that they are Republicans, but that doesn’t mean hispanics are conservative anymore than Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas mean that most Black Americans are conservative.

The states with high hispanic populations are solidly Democrat or are trending that way. california, Illinois and New York were once solidly Republican states. Now, because of the large hispanic populations, a republican couldn’t get elected dog catcher. The demographic changes have made the Democratic party far more formidable. Rather than come up with new ideas it decided to expand its base of voters. It’s standing with white voters is small, and still shrinking, but it decided to open the doors to third world immigrants, all of them would end up voting for them. Forty years ago the Hispanic population in this country was insignificant and the GOP a dominant force on the national level. Now many of those states won by Nixon, Ford Reagan, of the first Bush are lost to the GOP forever. If the Hispanics do to Texas what they have done to California the GOP will never win another race for President again.

This is, despite the argument, hispanics are not conservatives. They like welfare, they like racial quotas and affirmative action, they like abortion on demand and the redistribution of income. Most hispanic children are born out of wedlock, their criminal rate is higher then most ethnic groups. So much for family values. Yes, I know that there are Hispanic immigrants that don’t fit that pattern, but they are the minority in their community and chances are they are the ones already voting Republican. The majority are voting Democrat because they want to.

Amnesty for eleven million illegal immigrants only creates eleven million new Democrat voters. Texas, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada will be as blue as California. We don’t have an army of Ted Cruz clones crossing the border, it’s more like the love child of Sonia Sotomayor and Geraldo Rivera.

Amnesty causes lack of respect for the law. It hurts the economy with the additional costs to health care, education, housing, welfare and law enforcement. Because no matter how politically incorrect it is to say it illegal immigrants commit a great deal of crime. It’s not racist to say these people are breaking the law and shouldn’t be here if they are not following the rules. There’s no doubt that our immigration system has flaws, but enforcement and security must be first and foremost.

The House must resist the temptation to go along with Senator Rubio’s plan. It won’t stop problems on the border, they won’t vote Republican, and we’ll be accused of racism no matter what, so we might as well ignore the Stalinist sheep in the media, do the right thing and put country first.

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