A Failing Foreign Policy

By: Craig Chamberlain

Decline. That one word could sum up all of the Obama years. Economic decline, cultural decline, and decline on the international stage. Of course its interconnected, our economic weakness is tied into our fading from the world scene. But it’s more than a stagnant economy, American weakness is not the result of forces beyond our control. Our decline from our super power position is a deliberate strategy of this adminstration. The third world, anti colonalist, mindset is a strong influence. Strong nations must have their wealth taken from them, their power broken, to make up for the way they’ve mistreated the third world.

There might be some who disagree with that theory, but only the most willfully blind would disagree that America, under the current administration, has seen its infulence wane. Shortly after taking office President Obama had to deal with an uprising in Iran. He could have backed the people in their struggle against a ruthless tyranny that wants to wage war against the United States. Instead he backed the ruthless government that wants to wage war against the United States. He offered them negotiations without preconditions, convinced that his rhetoric alone could save the world. It’s still a position he holds, and every time he offers the rulers of Iran dismiss it out of hand. The one thing he and the mullahs agree on is that America is the Great Satan. Anti Americanism is this administrations default setting.

In Irag and Afghanistan his policy is to surrender and declare victory, and go home. Iraq is unstable and thoroughly under Iranian influence. The Afghan government is mired in corruption and incompetence(though only slightly more than our own) and will fall swiftly to the Taliban when NATO forces are withdrawn. Getting out beats building on the real progress made by the previous administration. President Obama is determined to see to it that our record of not winning a war since world war two is not trifled with.

When the Arab spring uprisings began, with Islamist hordes overthrowing secular governments, President Obama sided with the horde. Nations that were once American allies are now under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated groups. Egypt is now a terrorist state with the Egyptian government cracking down on Christians and political dissidents. The Egyptian President screams about Jews being the sons of apes and pigs, is hosting the Iranian President in a little hate fest. This is a clear sign that Egypt has shifted its political center from the west to the east.

We replaced Qaddafi, a brutal tyrant, with another brutal tyrant, that is a lot more energetic in spreading Islamism than Qaddafi was in spreading his crackpot theories. Tunisia, the most secular Arab nation, is now ruled by Islamist thugs cracking down on women, or anyone who doesn’t want to live under the Sharia tyranny. North Africa has now become an Al Qaeda safe haven, and the administration sided with the people who made it that way.

We don’t have much influence even among allies. Israel, if they would still call themselves our ally, is increasingly alienated from the United States due to the barely veiled anti semitism of the administration.

We can expect the decline to continue into the second term. With defense cuts that will prevent America from projecting strength around the world, and will prevent rapid responses to threats to American interests around the world. There is no such thing as leading from behind. America will have no choice but to pull back even more. If President Obama gets his way America will be reduced to being only a regional power.

This should be evident by the Presidents nominee for Secretary of Defense and our new Secretary of State. Both a Vietnam veterans, but both are anti military and believe that the U.S. is an arrogant bully that needs to be taken down a peg. Appeasement and retreat will be the policies that guide this nation for the next four years, President Obama wouldn’t have nominated the two of them if that’s what he didn’t want.

The world could very likely find itself fighting another major war as the Middle East deteriorates, and North Korea becomes more belligerent. And instead of trying to put out these brush fires Obama is cutting the water off at the hydrant. America is getting weaker and will continue to do so, all for the self righteousness and petty hatreds of a man who isn’t fit to be Commander in chief.

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