Crossing the Line

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By: Peggy Newbrough


Americans were outraged when Mexico’s President Calderon stood before Congress and denounced Arizona’s immigration law; outraged and shocked when Democrats, including the Administration, gave him a standing ovation.  Though that wasn’t the only strike in the unprecedented attack on Arizona’s immigration legislation, it was certainly the most revealing.  That public show of unity exposed a previously hidden cabal, the Mexican government and the Democratic Party, neither of whom really want to stop or even slow illegal immigration, quite the opposite.


The Mexican government is virtually chasing illegals across our borders as a successful backdoor economic strategy.  To understand their position, you need only ask which demographic is “migrating” to the U.S.  How many highly educated professionals or entrepreneurial success stories are swimming across rivers in the dead of night or packing into the back of overstuffed trucks to get here?  The obvious answer is none.  Instead it’s the poorest of the poor who, if they stayed in Mexico, would only drain the economy not help it.


For the Mexican government, the flow of illegals is a political and economic win-win.  Mexico gets millions of their poor off the radar which skews statistics on that lowest economic bracket and boosts the percentage of working middle class.  But the real coup for Mexico is the billions of dollars these immigrants siphon off to the Mexican economy.  Most illegals still have families back home and send every dime they can spare to help those left behind.  Billions of U.S. dollars flow into that country to prop up a foreign economy while our own economy is on life support.


So Mexico’s motives are clear, but what about our own government, what do they have to gain?  Democrats are pushing amnesty for the 10 to 12 (20 by some accounts) million illegals with a single objective, to add a huge Democratic voting bloc.  Of course, they don’t give that reason; instead they argue amnesty will be good for America, that these newly-minted citizens will then pay taxes and do their fair share to support our system.


Not likely, there’s a section of tax code, The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which gives Americans a nice chunk of cash to not pay taxes.  The credit ranges from $475 with no children to $5,891 with three or more children.[i]  The EITC is a fully refundable credit meaning if a tax filer’s credit exceeds the amount of taxes owed, he/she gets a full refund of any remaining amount, even if the worker’s tax liability is zero.[ii]  That means the worker could pay nothing in federal taxes yet receive a “tax refund” up to $5,891.  So we not only have 40% of Americans not paying taxes, we’re giving them refunds on what they don’t pay.


One has to assume that most immigrants could receive this tax welfare check since the top qualifying income cap for 2012 was $50,270i Tough to exceed that income bracket if you’re mowing lawns, cleaning house, or any of those other menial jobs Americans don’t want to do for themselves.  And with the government spending even more of our dollars on EITC awareness campaigns, most will file for the refund.  Currently, an estimated four out of five eligible workers and families get the credit.[iii]


But even if they don’t get in on this scam right away, they can still claim the EITC for the most recent tax year plus up to three prior years with amended returns. That could net them up to $23,564 in tax refunds on non-existent contributions.  And there’s no fallout from their windfall because the EITC doesn’t count as income in determining eligibility for benefits like cash assistance (welfare), Medicaid, food stamps, SSI, or public or subsidized housing.  Yet another staggering cost to those Americans who actually do pay taxes.


Still the opposition doggedly argues that, as citizens, these workers will at least be making a fair wage and will then contribute to the system.  Sorry to burst yet another bubble but there’s zero chance that the tax cheat who paid workers under the table before amnesty is going to suddenly get religion and start paying minimum wage, workers’ comp, unemployment taxes, Employers’ SSI, and Medicare taxes (7.65%) to name just a few of the costs they’ve evaded in the past.


Nope, they’re going to grab their workforce from the next wave to cross the border, most likely the same day we crown these other 10, 12, or 20 million Democrats as American citizens.  After all, our borders are still proudly wide open so we’re hardly going to suffer a shortage of off-the-books labor.


The elephant in the room is who’s supporting illegal immigration or advocating amnesty and why?  Americans don’t like to make accusations or attribute devious motives to their government’s actions and that’s why socialism is winning.  Because the greedy, power-hungry politicians who will gladly sacrifice the American dream for their own self interests are not easily deterred. They’re not afraid to brand Americans as racists, bigots, or any other poisonous label that will silence the opposition.  They’re willing to do whatever it takes to retain political control.


It’s time to stop dancing around the facts with irrelevant sidebars and start confronting the issues. Ask these politicians why they care more about someone having to show their ID than they do about Americans are being killed, kidnapped, and robbed by illegal aliens.  Ask them why they’ve done nothing to stop armed drug dealers from walking across the border to peddle their poison to our children, why is their only solution to the millions who have already broken into this country to adopt them.  We’re already hemorrhaging billions of American dollars to Mexico and amnesty would exponentially increase that flow.  Ask them why they don’t offer real solutions to halt the Mexican blitzkrieg across our borders, why they’ve done nothing to stop it.


Don’t let them distract from the argument calling you mean-spirited or racist and don’t be fooled when they trot out their Republican lackeys to make amnesty a “bipartisan” issue.  These are just some of the billowing clouds of gorilla dust they kick up to take the focus off the real issue, defending American soil.  Ask these pro-amnesty politicians the only real question worthy of national discussion, why they’re on Mexico’s side, not ours.



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