We Are Doomed

By: Craig Chamberlain

It doesn’t look good for conservatism in America. Despite conservatives controlling the House of Representatives and thirty of the governorships the case can be made that conservatism is on life support, and it’s not a hard case to make. The optimists will say that Obama’s victory was razor thin, conservatives are doing quite well in the states, and conservatives won smashing victories in the 2010 elections. The optimists can say it all they want, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

There are several reasons as to why conservatism is probably finished, why 2010 was probably the last dying gasp of constitutional republicanism, as it gives way to social democracy.

1) No unity among conservatives. Say what you will about the leftist vermin but they don’t break ranks. Conservatives are quite divided. You have Glenn Beck, the crying court jester of conservatism, declaring jihad against the GOP. He argues that the party isn’t conservative enough. Never mind that Republicans today are far more conservative than even under Reagan. But it’s still not enough for some (I emphasis some) elements of the Tea Party, which is little more than a Randian cult which sees the junior Senator from Kentucky as the political savior of the republic. The Ron Paul zombies have just moved onto worshipping his son.

We’re divided over immigration. With Senators McCain and Rubio pushing for amnesty arguing, against all empirical evidence, that hispanics will vote Republican in droves if it weren’t for our stance on immigration. Opposing them is Senator Cruz who demands that border security must come first.

Governors, who could have effectively blocked the implementation of Obamacare, are caving in one by one. If they had maintained a united front of opposition Obamacare would be stillborn. Instead they are being defeated by Obama’s divide and conquer tactics. It’s very simple, in a representative democracy you can’t govern if you don’t win, and you won’t win if you’re not united.

2) Obama has the bully pulpit and he knows how to use it. Now, it doesn’t hurt that he has 99% of the media under his control and most Americans will not hear a message or read a story that he doesn’t want them to hear. To hear the administration tell it nothing happened at Benghazi, the economy is booming not shrinking, sequestration was the idea of John Boehner and the Republicans, and our spending problem is that we’re too miserly. There’s no way conservatives can get their message out in the volume that leftists do, and as long as that’s the case the people will be drinking the Obama Kool- aid.

3) Conservatives aren’t good at the long game. Liberals have been building their infrastructure for almost a century. They took over the media so that no dissenting message will ever effectively reach the American people. Yes, we have Fox News but Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes won’t be around forever. Even with the success of Fox it’s hard for us to be heard over the din of leftist noise.

They took over Hollywood so that Americans would only see the leftist message in movies or T.V. They took over the schools so that American children would be conditioned to reject anything they might be taught at home or church. American children are taught that America is evil, Christianity is cruel, traditional families are bigoted, and having more money than someone else if unfair. Children are being taught to sing the praises of their new messiah, Barack Obama. “Rosa sat so King could walk. King walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so we could fly” That’s just one of the messages that our children are being exposed to. They can’t name their state capitol or tell you who wrote the Declaration of Independence but they can tell you that Obama makes the trains run on time.

4) Demographics. It’s not pleasant to say, but a (slight) majority of the American people knowingly, and willingly, voted for the Obama agenda. President Obama didn’t run as a moderate. He ran as a man who nationalized health care, repealed welfare reform, raised taxes, increased our debt to terminal levels, and goes on apology tours. The two cities happiest over Obama’s reelection were Chicago and Tehran. The people voted for it. They wanted it. No one held a gun to their heads.

The nation is becoming less religious, more urbanized, less white, that is, more Democratic. The trend isn’t going to reverse itself. With both parties committed to open borders, falling birth rates, emptying churches, and so many dependent on the government will make a conservative majority all but impossible. Conservatism will survive on in some other form, but it won’t be much of a force on national politics.

So let’s be clear. Obamacare is here to stay until it is replaced by a single payer system with nary a whimper from the American people. Gay marriage will become the law of the land, the Chief Justice will see to that. Taxes will continue to go up on the middle class and entrepreneurs, we’ll keeps spending until our currency is worthless and the riots in Greece look like a church picnic. Our military is going to be gutted, and our strength and influence around the world will continue to wane. Not only will we fail to reclaim the Senate in 2014 we’ll probably lose the House as well, along with about half a dozen governorships.

Conservatives have some hard choices in front of us. Do we surrender? Let the progressives have the country while we focus on the states or even attempt to break away? Do we fight? Or do we say to hell with it all and let the country burn to the ground if the people are stupid enough to vote for Obama?

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