The Totalitarianism of Today

By: Craig Chamberlain

Richard Dawkins, who is far more famous for his anti theism than he is for his scientific work, was recently on Al-Jazeera delivering his usual hate filled diatribes against Christianity and Judaism. Then he was asked what he thought about the god of the Koran. Dawkins hemmed and hawed and finally muttered that he really didn’t know that much about the god of the Koran so he couldn’t speak on it. Really? This is a man who believes he knows everything about everything. He leads a group called the “brights” for God’s sake. There supposed to know everything. And I doubt being uninformed has ever stop Dawkins or his ilk from espousing an opinion before.

It’s really easy, even for us dims who believe in God, to see why Dawkins pled ignorance. First of all there’s fear. Dawkins knows he can say whatever he wants about Christianity and Judaism and he’s not going to get blown up for it. That is not the case with Islam, and Dawkins knows it. People have died for being even slightly critical of the Islamic faith, and Dawkins doesn’t want to join their ranks and test his hypothesis on the afterlife. But there is a second reason why people like Dawkins refrain from criticizing Islam. Respect.

The leftists of the western world are violently anti religion, or more specifically, they are violently anti Christian. So is Islam. The left doesn’t believe in free speech(just look at Canada’s supreme court) neither does Islam. The left doesn’t believe in democracy. Neither does Islam. The left doesn’t believe in individual freedoms. Neither does Islam. The left believes in erecting an all powerful state that would control ever facet of life, so does Islam.

Islam and the left represent a two pronged assault on western civilization and the freedoms it upholds. And civilization is losing. This two headed totalitarianism is real even though most people don’t understand it or pretend that it’s not there. This is a suicidal flaw in the western world. We assume that our enemies are playing by our rules, that they have the same values that we do, the same respect for freedom that we do.

That’s not the case. Instead we have Islam attacking western civilization from without and the left subverting it within, acting as a fifth column. The Islamic world wants criticizing religion(read, criticizing Islam) to be made a crime. And the international left is only too happy to oblige. After all the less you can legally say the less you can speak out against your new masters. At the core of this is a mutual hatred of Christian belief and values. So anything anti Christian is to be enshrined and protected. Speaking out against homosexuality is now a crime in Canada, and it probably won’t be too long before it’s illegal in the states. Speak out against single parent families and you’re a misogynist. It’s an odd alliance, gays and Muslims. But politics makes strange bedfellows.

The anti Christian, anti freedom crowd needs each other. So the Muslims overlook the sodomy and decedance of the left, and the left overlooks the fact that Muslims really enjoyu killing gays and torturing women. And lets be clear. The Muslims have their dhimmini’s on the right as well. Enablers, who while they mouth conservative platitudes are all too happy to carry water for their Muslim overlords. Men like Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Daniel Peterson, Dinesh D’Souza all see Islam as a kind benevolent force. Like the man who feeds the crocodile hoping he won’t be devoured they’ll be sorely disappointed.

I’d have more respect for men like Richard Dawkins, or even Trey Parker and Matt Stone, if they weren’t so hypocritical and selective. Let Dawkins preach against Islam, let Parker and Stone make a musical called “The Koran” mocking Muslims. That would prove they are courageous iconoclasts who truly defend free speech, instead they’re sniveling cowards and bulies who only go after people who won’t fight back.

It’s time to fight back. The left and Muslims aren’t two seperate enemies, but close allies working together to silence their critics and reduce everyone around them to slavery. Yes, that sounds drastic, even paranoid, but it’s true. The Middle East is not a place to speak your mind, neither is Europe and apparently neither is Canada.

How long until the United States is added to that list?

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