We Need Laws Against Government Not the People

By: Joe Boyd

“…this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom— and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

What do you fear? What are you most afraid of? My greatest fear is a loss of freedom. I’m not worried about being attacked on the street or savages invading my home. We live in a civilized society and I can control and prepare for those scenarios.

When you get up in the morning what are your fears? You get ready for work. You hope you make enough to pay your bills. (Or if you’re a Democrat you hope your government check comes in soon.

What we can’t prepare for or control is what politicians and bureaucrats in a far away place will decide for us. How many laws and regulations can there be until everyone is breaking the law and violating some code? If there are too many laws then every one of us is a criminal. Can we decrease the number of laws, number of police, the number of judges and stop criminalizing every behavior?

People should be free to defend themselves, put whatever they want into their own bodies and keep their earnings. They take our money and want much more than they have already. When will it be enough? Will there ever be enough laws? Have they ever said that you’ve paid too much or that the people should have fewer laws and regualtions? If there is no limit on how much they can do or take will it ever stop?
The People’s Fear

Today’s greatest fear comes from government. More specifically, the federal government. What new laws will they create? How much more will they take from me? How corrupt are they? Why do I need to pay for their lavish pensions and benefits?

The beauty of the Constitution is that it set limits on what the federal government could do. However, the people in Washington refuse to follow our laws (like the Constitution, or submitting a budget in Congress). Meanwhile the rest of us are expected to adhere to whatever edict comes out of Washington. If we don’t we will be fined, jailed and abused by government. If we ask the people in Washington to leave us alone will they listen to us?

If you were in the business of government you might fear not having enough to spend, or being able to grow government, or not having enough union dues paying workers. You probably aren’t worried about paying your personal bills but about having and spending more and controlling the people that pay for you.

Not The People’s Government

Government hurts the people in many ways:

Ÿ  Adopting international laws which destroys the representative government we are supposed to have.

Ÿ  By passing pork with laws for friends and family of the politicians.

Ÿ  By creating more laws than anyone could possible comply with thus making ordinary citizens criminals.

Ÿ  Giving government the ability to arrest anyone since there are so many laws they can find a reason.

Ÿ  By passing laws they are not subject to such as insider trading and Obamacare.

Ÿ  By not passing a budget. By not adhering to a budget. By not living within their means.

Ÿ  By using accounting tricks that would be illegal in the private sector.

Ÿ  By spending more than they receive. By giving government funds to friends and donors.

Not The People’s Money

Once your tax dollars are collected who owns those funds? Are they just set aside for government pension and benefits? Is there ever a surplus that they need to give back to the taxpayers? Why not?

The Constitution was created to limit the power of the federal government. We are supposed to have a system in which each state can compete for citizens based on tax rates and government programs they deem necessary.

Obama has said his problem with the Constitution is that it says what they will not do but it doesn’t say what they will do for the people. (Actually, it says government will leave people alone and not abuse them). Should government take over all the industries in the country? Should government own and control healthcare and car production? We have seen this before in communist countries. People in the business of government always want government to expand.

Does having government control every industry ensure fairness and make everyone equal? People in government are never equal and are always above everyone else. Just ask them. The laws that apply to the little people do not apply to them.

When government runs a business it destroys it. Why? Because without market and price forces to determine limits of behavior corruption reigns. In Greece it’s estimated that more than a third of the nation has a government job. And more than a third of them take a government paycheck but don’t even show up for work. When someone gets in power they hire their friends and funnel government money to their friends and donors.

A New Birth of Freedom

What will it take to get a new birth of freedom in America? We have lost our freedoms and with each law or regulation they write we lose more freedom. The laws they pass do not solve any issue but only shrink our liberty. Liberty, freedom and self-government are basic American values.

A new birth of freedom would mean constraints on government such as the inability to take our money and property, the inability to pass more laws and regulations and the passing of laws to restrict government activity. Can we limit the number of government employees, the number of and types of laws, the amount of funds received and spent and debt issuance?

The government is not the same as the People. Government has never been of the people since it is made up of politicians and bureaucrats working for their own self-interest. Government has never been for the people since the people in the business of government are always for themselves.

We will have a new birth of freedom when the American people realize that government simply doesn’t work, fails at everything and needs to be limited in size, scope, power and money. Then maybe we’ll have a government that the people can control instead of the other way around.

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