The New Conservatism and National Suicide

By: Guest Authors
By: David Tatosian
In honor of CPAC 2013, I present Ronald Reagan; “No administration that I know has established the relationship we have with our Latin friends…we have been the safety valve, whether we wanted to or not, with the illegal entry here, in Mexico, where their population is increasing and they don’t have an economy that can absorb them and provide the jobs. And this is what we’re trying to work out, not only to protect our own borders but to have some kind of fairness and recognition of that problem…”  (Reagan – Mondale debate October 21, 1984.

Since fairness always means giving Mexico something for nothing, Reagan signed the Simpson-Mazzoli act into law. “Future generations of Americans” he intoned, “will be thankful for our efforts to humanely regain control of our borders and thereby preserve the value of one of the most sacred possessions of our people: American citizenship.”

For Reagan and conservatives, fairness and recognition of that Latin problem, but more specifically that Mexican problem, could only be achieved by granting amnesty to a couple million Mexican illegal aliens.

Twenty seven years later if you even mention the inalienable rights upon which our most sacred possession rests the current regime will declare you a domestic terrorist.

Not so Hispanics however, who recognize the inalienable rights of none outside their ethnicity.

For example; a recent fauxnews latino piece, “No Longer Niche Market? Latinos Don’t Want to be Pigeonholed, Study Says“, presents a study which declares “…You can’t really think of Latinos in the U.S. in the context of the same old cultural bucket…it’s not about being Latino or American. Rather, they are now more likely to embrace a multicultural “from here and from there identity.”’

The goal of the study, released by Latinworks and Ethnifact, is to help business target the growing Hispanic market. The study proposes to “…replace the notion in which Latinos move uni-directionally away from a culture niche and into a melting pot” by introducing “…new vocabulary that can help re-frame the conversation as we move forward.”  (But, Mexican illegals sure move uni-directionally across our southern border and into our ERs, welfare offices and prisons don’t they?)

Re-framing the conversation in our great societal move downward includes, but is not limited to;
Ambicultural -”…The ability and willingness to function competently in two cultures…For U.S. Latinos, this is not a transition between two cultures; it is an aspirational and behavioral destination ”

Culture sustainability – celebrates the ability of US Latinos to integrate into the American culture while retaining  “…significant elements of their country of origin culture. This phenomenon is unprecedented in U.S. cultural history and is being made possible by…borderless social networking and by societal forces that celebrate ethnicity.”

Foreculture – A sort of foreclosure of the American culture that provides an “…insightful view of the marketplace intended to frame the next big cultural wave deriving from the U.S. transitioning to “minority-majority” status…”

And so on.

As this report and life in post-Reagan-amnesty America show, Hispanics consistently disregard the American culture in favor of their own. This is irrefutable. We do not press 1 for English because Hispanics assimilated to what this study derisively terms the same old cultural bucket. Quite the contrary. Hispanics will take whatever financial/material benefits they can, from set asides, food stamps and affirmative action programs to flat screen TV’s and IPhones, but they have no respect for the culture that proffers those entitlements or produces those items.

This is the Mexican Something for Nothing theory as an aspirational, behavioral destination.

Conservative traditionalists, if you will, have not only rewarded this behavior, they have also encouraged the diminution of American traditions and culture by acceding to the demands of virtually every foreign ethnic/racial/religious bloc that has strolled into our nation since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

This is the conservatism of the Bush clan and the separatist voting bloc, of la raza, CAIR, political correctness, Cantor, Rove, racial guilt and the backroom machinations of Muslim Brotherhood types like Grover Norquist.

It is a conservatism dedicated to a never ending supply of hostile separatist foreign nationals and those who can make money or gain political power off them.

It is the conservatism of betrayal and barely restrained contempt for the birthright of American citizens.

It is the conservatism of national suicide, and Americans who are rightfully proud of their heritage, culture, nation and people feel no remorse as meets it’s sad, pathetic end.

Good riddance.

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