Death of Chavez Might Bring Freedom

By: Craig Chamberlain

One of the many, many things I despise about leftists is how they can’t wait to cozy up to a dictator. Their ideology demands contempt of democracy and admiration of men they see as being strong enough to govern without the petty qualms of the people to hold them back. It’s an idea from Nietzsche, the superman rising above the morality of the masses. It’s why the left has loved, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini(despite what they say now they couldn’t get enough of the Fascist leader when he was in power) Ho Chi Minh, Salvador Allende, Daniel Ortega, Pol Pot, Mengistu, and Hugo Chavez. I have never met a conservative who had a crush on Franco, or Surharto, or Dolfuss. Yet I have met lots of people on the left who were effusive in their praise of these tyrants and were proud apologists for what they did. One insisted that while Hitler’s murder of 12 million was evil(and rightly so) but it was only evil because it was based on race. Whereas Stalin was correct in killing 50 million because he was killing to eradicate capitalism. Got that? The death toll doesn’t matter, only the intent of the mass murderer does.

Hugo Chavez was no different. The American left couldn’t get enough of him of of Chavismo. Everything about him was something they adored. They adored his anti Americanism, they loved the fact that he hated George W. Bush more than they did, they loved the fact that he was intent on bringing about Communism even if the rest of the world had moved on. They loved the fact that he nationalized the oil industry, that he had his own army of thugs to enforce his law, that he closed media outlets that were against him(look at how bad the left in this country wants to close Fox News and talk radio) and that he rigged elections. His one “loss” was because he underestimated how much fraud he needed to inject into it. The left eats this up.

When the beast died last week normal people were relieved, or even happy. My thoughts were, at the time, that now he can go and join Saddam Hussein, and Usama Bin Laden in whatever part of Hell they’re in. But not on the left. They were in mourning as if they had lost a close personal friend or a beloved family member. Dear old Hugo was no more and they were paralyzed by grief. They knew he was a thug, and that’s what they liked about him. This “man of the people” ran his country into the ground and they admired him for it, because as far as they were concerned he did it for all the right reasons.

But this is a case where the death of someone is actually a positive thing. Chavez was a brute, he used the vast oil wealth of his country not to enrich it, but to subsidize like minded dictators throughout the region. In Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Nicaragua he established left wing anti American dictatorships. However, they needed someone to subsidize them. After all if there is one thing socialism doesn’t create it’s wealth, unless you’re Hugo Chavez and you died sitting on a personal fortune of two billion.

It’s unclear whether Chavez’s successor will be able to keep the people of Venezulea in line, and whether the client kingdoms of Caracas will be as easily controlled without him. It’s very likely that Chavez’s successor will be as interested in foreign adventures when there are so many problems at home. Since Chavez and his minions have come to power the poverty rate has soared, right along wih the crime rate. But then socialism encourages both. Before Chavez Venezuela had been a functioning democracy with free and fair elections, a free press, an independent judiciary, and a healthy middle class. None of that is true today. Elections are rigged, the press doesn’t dare say anything against the government, the judges exist merely to validate what Chavez wanted, and the Middle Class has either fled the country or seen it’s property become worthless, if not outright confiscated by the state.

Such realities are not a recipe for stability and success. How much more will the Venezulean people take? And how long can the client states survive without Caracas’s oil money? No one knows for sure but everyone is going to find out. It’s most likely that Chavez was the last dying gasp of old school Latin American leftist dictatorship. Not that anti Americanism is dead in the region, hating the Yanquis is their mothers milk. It’s what they were raised on. But the old school Peronist, or Chavez style thuggery will hopely be a thing of the past. Without the money how long can Morales, Ortega and the rest of the trash cling to power? If president Obama were wise he would take this opportunity to move in and counter the cancerous influence of Chavez and bring freedom back to the people of Latin America.

But that’s not going to happen. Obama is in mourning with Sean Penn.

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