Hey, Guess What? It’s Time To Woman Up!

By: Guest Authors

By: Elena

The feminists stand on abortion has always made me angry. These women are supposed to be the “strong ones” right? Well what I hear is whiny women crying about how they want the government out of their uterus. ” It’s my body!!” ” No one can tell me what to do with my body!” Yet when they make the choice to have sex, suddenly the consequences of sexual intercourse are suddenly not theirs. Whose is it you ask? Well the governments of course. Its mortifying as a woman. Just plain embarrassing. I have never heard such stupidity. Well, accidents happen. Birth control fails. Give me a break. It is REASONABLE to ASSUME that getting pregnant is a natural consequence of sex. Where the heck are the strong women on this issue.

Suddenly it’s not their problem. It was their body, but now they expect the taxpayer to fund prenatal care and provide WIC, food stamps, support, etc. or they will get an abortion. Murder their own child! They want the government to pay for their careless choices, but yet, get out of their lives. If this isn’t the very definition of logical fallacy I don’t know what is. It seems that liberal logic mandates that the government take care of their health, pay for their birth control, pay for their food, pay for their section 8 housing, yet they will demand that the government should have no part in decision making when it comes to whether or not their child lives or dies.

But, but, it’s their body right? Well, I for one as a woman are sick of the pro-choice victim. Liberals victimize women with the insane claim that its their right to kill their own offspring. They assert that “accidents happen”. They suddenly claim no control over their choices. You can’t have it both ways! If you want the government to take responsibility for your health, and feeding and housing then they get to make a choice about whether your baby lives or dies. These “ feminist” women make all women look like utter idiots. A STRONG woman would’ve taken precautions. A STRONG woman would accept that her actions were her choice and now she has to live with them. A STRONG woman would’ve foreseen that the natural consequences of sex could be……. Drum roll please….. Pregnancy!! Feminist women claim to be so much smarter and stronger than conservative women yet this very simple concept eludes them. REAL women PROTECT their children. It is ingrained in us biologically. Any woman who I care to spend any time with would gladly lay down her life for her child. What is wrong with these women. They are literally fighting for the right to make women less strong, less capable, less responsible. This undermines women in a way that is absolutely shameful.  So remember this if you remember nothing else.

Everytime you have an abortion you kill your own offspring, not because you are strong, but because you are scared.


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