King Abdullah of Jordan knows what the Obama administration is too blind to see! (Video)

By: Guest Authors

By: Michael Haltman

That the Muslim Brotherhood mission is to have its crescent rise above the  entirety of the Middle East and ultimately the world!

On-the-other-hand perhaps the problem isn’t that Barack Obama is blind to the  issues.

Perhaps the problem is that he is equipped with 20/20 vision and  simply has other motives that are in play in Egypt and around the entirety of  the Middle East when it comes to the balance of power there.

While  Barack Obama and his new band of national security and foreign policy merry men  and women keep pushing rhetoric over substantive action to try and stem the rise  of radical Islam throughout the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and  others continue to spread their wings.

This because we are dealing with  an enemy that smells fear, cowardice and weakness and who doesn’t for a second  buy the empty rhetoric that this administration has been dishing out for over  four years.

The perfect example of failed Obama administration thinking  could not be personified any better than by the giving of F-16′s and tanks to a  Muslim Brotherhood led Egypt (‘Egypt  – I brought a knife to the fight and gave my enemy guns?

In short through his actions and inactions, Barack Obama is complicit in making  the world a much more dangerous place!

King Abdullah of Jordan: Beware  the Muslim Brotherhood!

H/T The  Right Scoop

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