Should Conservatives Quit GOP?

By: Craig Chamberlain

The GOP has had an honorable history. Under Lincoln it crushed the slave owning oligarchy that had plunged America into civil war. Under Grant the KKK was crushed and the first civil rights bill passed. Under TR(a man who undoubtedly gives conservatives heartburn) America became a naval power. Under Harding and Coolidge the GOP led the nation to unprecedented prosperity, cut the government down to size and enjoyed international peace. It was Eisenhower who put an end to the bloody stalemate in Korea. It was the Republicans who cut taxes and energized the economy in the 1950′s. Nixon(only Hitler has been more demonized by the American left) got us out of Vietnam, used Detente to play Russia and China off of each other, and integrated the schools and enforced the Civil Rights laws that the Democrats had ignored. Reagan revitalized the American economy, rebuilt the American military, helped bring down the Soviet Empire, and crushed international communism as a real threat. George W. Bush cut taxes, and took the war to the terrorists for the first time.

Now, of course, I’m glossing over things. These Presidents made mistakes. Grant allowed too many cronies in his administration, Harding the same, Eisenhower put Earl Warren on the court, Nixon didn’t understand economics so he instituted price controls, Reagan put Sandra Day O’Connor on the bench, signed an amnesty bill, and sent our troops into Lebanon, and as for George W. he increased the entitlement system, spent like crazy(although compared to his successor he looks like Ebenezer Scrooge) and there are Presidents like Hoover and Ford that the GOP would like to forget altogether. Still the party has had a much better track record than that of the Democrats. It has been the natural home of conservatives since the party was founded, but are those days over?

I’ve said before that the purpose of an election is to win. I’ve been against certain elements of the Tea Party for always nominating self absorbed buffoons who can’t hope to win an election. That being said the party must also believe in something. Believing only in winning the is the Democrats modus operandi. Yet it seems more and more that the party is drifting into this territory. That’s unacceptable to conservatives. To be a conservative(as opposed to a progressive) means to believe in something. It has to be more than a governmental philosophy, a belief in limited constitutional government isn’t enough. For a conservative our beliefs extend to well outside the governmental sphere. Freedom, family, God, religion, patriotism, tradition are all beliefs of conservatives. Yet we have to ask ourselves whether or not we have a party that reflects those same values?

In its panic after the 2012 election the GOP has been running in circles trying to figure out what to do to make sure they aren’t the losers in Presidential elections for the next 100 years. Now I can understand their gloom, I share it. The party might very well be finished, and progressivism is probably going to be governing doctrine from now on. That doesn’t mean that Republicans and conservatives need to jump on the bandwagon.

Too many self proclaimed conservatives are selling out conservatism. They are trying to open the borders, even more than they already are by giving amnesty to the illegal immigrants in our country, they are jumping on the pro sodomy bandwagon, and saying with a straight face that two men walking down the aisle is the same thing as a man and a woman being wedded, and that allowing for homosexuals to marry isn’ t a disgusting mockery of tradition, history, and religion. In reality we have no one but ourselves to blame. The left has dreamed of the abolition of marriage since Karl Marx’s manifesto. Since they can’t abolish it outright, they mock it, belittle it, undermine it, and now simply change the definition. The left started the sexual revolution to end marriage, to make it less desirable to the younger generations. Half of all marriages end in divorce, almost half of all children in America are born out of wedlock, cohabitiation is far more likely than marriage, and now we’re to the point where two men can be joined together. We did so little to fight back. Perhaps we were focused on economics, but believing in low taxes isn’t all that there is to conservatism. If you think gay marriage and open borders are ok, you’re not a conservative, but a libertarian, and I’ve never seen any real differece between being a libertarian and a libertine.

If the trend continues in the GOP, if we have more Rob Portmans who think that two men being married is really the same as a traditional marriage, and if we keep getting more Marco Rubio’s who think that Amnesty will somehow not create a one party state with the left permanently in control, then maybe it’s time for conservatives to get out. I don’t say this lightly. I’m proud of the GOP and my membership in it, but if it sells out its core constituents in the vain hope that Hispanics, gays, and college students will suddenly change their voting habits, then it’s time for conservatives to move elsewhere.

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