SCOTUS: The New God?

By: Michael John McCrae

I don’t know what the big deal is. Homosexuals already have freedom to marry. Any homosexual man has a right to marry any homosexual woman and any homosexual woman has a right to marry any homosexual man. Then, each can go and mollify their sexual lusts with anyone else they choose; just like any heterosexual couples practicing adultery. So what’s the problem? Where is this great need to have the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) re-define and thus destroy the dictionary meaning of the term “Marriage”?


Homosexuals are actually members of a special interest. They are more akin to the Ku Klux Clan, the New Black Panther Party, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or even Move-On.Org. They have an agenda and a political position very similar to that of the American Communist Party or the American Atheist party. All those organizations fight against the better morals of free society. Too, they fight against God.


For instance: The KKK believes it is okay to kill black people and other minorities as being less than equal to their ideal of humanity (whatever that is).  The NAACP believes it is okay to be racist against white people, as they equate all white people with the KKK. Move-On.Org believes anyone who opposes liberal socialism and statist idealism while espousing limited government and lower taxes, deserves to be personally and publicly humiliated by media. Atheists just want God gone because God makes them uncomfortable. Homosexuals want their special sexual interests to overshadow all other special interests. They want sexual sin accepted by the entire societal mainstream. I see that as no different as Atheists wanting to take “In God We Trust” off American currency and all mention and symbol of God taken from public venues.


Now, the subject of homosexual marriage has come up on many ballot boxes across the country. Majorities have voted to keep the definition of marriage as that of a union of a man with a woman. The Defense of Marriage Act was approved as federal law to protect the definition of marriage. Homosexuals have resorted to the courts to overturn legal election results and constitutionally created law because they have largely failed to make the case that they are right while everyone else is wrong.


Where is God in the conversation? He is absent. God was absent in the conversations about abortion too. The courts decided that killing babies was to be a legally protected “right”. Murder became legal against a law of God; spoken to Noah; that was to last “forever”. Look it up. Now the courts are being asked to negate another law of God; that a man was for woman, a woman for man and that in marriage; no man was to bring the union “asunder”. Divorce was a later allocation due to the hardness of men’s hearts. Re-marriage is a form of adultery, scripturally. These days none of that matters. God’s laws are only suggestions.


It is comical. Both sides of the debate are using God as justification.  But, there is a sad lack of true people of faith in the argument. The Bible is the Word of God. A true person of faith believes that the words penned in the Old and New Testaments were breathed by God’s Holy Spirit to men. In other words; the sixty-six books that make up the scriptures are the words of God. As such, these words are sovereign and unchangeable.


Media; certainly anti-God and anti-Christian is cheerleading for sin. Even Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is doing all he can to minimize people of faith. In recent “Factor” shows he has called bible believers “thumpers”, has called the Bible “Just a book”, and in his interview with the producers of “The Bible” miniseries, tried to force his view that the Bible was all “allegory”, not to be taken literally. Well Bill, the true people of faith do accept every story the Bible tells as the literal history of man and his beginnings. If Jesus can speak of the truth of Jonah, God’s institution of marriage, Sodom and Gomorrah and Adam and Eve as fact; then true people of faith have no reason to doubt the validity of the history.


So the argument is solely in the hands of men. Every argument is flawed and untrustworthy. It is better to put such matters to official ballot and allow people their vote. Nine states have already voted to accept gay marriage, so again I don’t see the problem. Homosexuals who want to be committed to a marriage can move to states that allow it. The SCOTUS should stay out of the argument and turn decisions of personal liberty and freedom back to the states; back to the people. The true church, the Body of Christ simply needs to witness, testify of Jesus and trust God. God is capable of changing hearts and minds. It is not up to the true people of faith to judge. God declared homosexuality the result of unbelief. He has given gay men and women over to their “unnatural” lusts. My personal opinion is that God know best. Let God be true and every man a liar.

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