Ann Coulter — My Former BFF

By: David Bozeman
Tuesday the 9th was kind of a sad day for me.  Someone that I had   always admired let me down.  I should have seen this coming.
According to The Huffington Post, Ann Coulter appeared on   Geraldo Rivera’s radio show discussing the death of former Prime Minister   Margaret Thatcher.  Coulter remarked that Sarah Palin was supposed to   meet once with Thatcher but declined.  When she requested Thatcher’s   company at a later date, this time Thatcher declined.  According to   Coulter, the former prime minister was supposed to teach Palin to speak   “proper English.”  Coulter continued, opining that Palin could have been   great, that she possessed “raw political talent.”  If Palin had “put her   nose to the grindstone and pursued improving herself, speaking proper English,   reading stuff, knowing lots of things,” her legacy might have been   different.
Excuse me!  “Proper English?”  “Reading stuff?”  Are we   talking about a 5 year-old kindergartner?  Ann, here’s some English for   you:  condescending, rude, catty, sellout.  I expect this from the   gals on The View, but from a conservative? One reason we have lost   the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections is because we don’t   stick together.  We will sell out one another in a heartbeat on live TV   for glowing press coverage.  Even that I understand (though I don’t   condone).  But you want to sound cool on the Geraldo Rivera radio   show?  Your books selling that poorly, Ann?
I am the first to acknowledge that Sarah was awkward and unprepared at   times in 2008, as are many candidates who embark on national   campaigns.  Bottom line, she was asked to serve by running on her party’s   ticket and she went out there and gave it her all, giving a much-needed boost   to a limp, uninspiring moderate’s campaign.  She and her family endured   endless personal abuse from the media and entertainment.
We forget her stellar public service in Alaska, notably, exposing   corruption and complacency within her own party, working to build a   natural gas pipeline and reviving oil production in some of her state’s   dormant oil reserves. Her heartfelt advocacy for special-needs   children deserves recognition, as well. Then, of course, she ran for VP   and knocked it out of the ballpark in her convention speech.  She more   than held her own debating the seasoned Joe Biden and rallied the base   wherever she went.
And this is how she is honored by someone supposedly on her side — she   is told to learn proper English and to educate herself.  Again, I should   have seen this coming.  Coulter derided Sharron Angle and was among the   first to throw Todd Aiken of Missouri under the bus after his (poorly worded)   “legitimate rape” comments.  And she has dissed Palin before, but I   always ignored it, never wanting to believe that someone I liked so much could   be so unnecessarily cruel.
It pains me to say this, but I am over you, Ann.  And, yes, liberals   are just delighting in this!  It is bad enough watching the   transformation of a great country into God knows what, but I always took   comfort in the company and passion of the conservative movement and the words   of our leaders, one of them being Ann Coulter.  That port in the storm   has been damaged, perhaps beyond repair.  Sarah, you deserve better than   what you get.  Ann, I hope Geraldo thought you were cool.  That,   after all, is what’s really important, right?


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