When Tragedy Knocks

By: Patti Bankson
I agree with President Obama’s description of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing(s) as a “Heinous Act of Terrorism”. As we know, it’s not the first heinous act of terrorism that’s been inflicted on our country, not to mention many other countries in the world. And, unfortunately, it’s probably not the last. As can be expected, there are more questions than answers… WHO did this? WHO would DO this kind of thing? And, HOW do we keep ourselves safe? HOW do we keep this from ever happening again? Whether we get the answers we’re looking for, or not, those questions will be part of our conversations well into the future.
In the meantime, maybe we should talk about how many times we’ve decided that doing something, even if it’s wrong, will actually help us to achieve our (well) intended, but misguided, goal… a perfect life and a perfect world without pain.
How many petitions have been signed… how many senate hearings held… how many lawsuits filed, overwhelming our courts, to no avail? How many normal, American activities have disappeared from our every day lives and the lives of our children? The list is already too long, and it’s growing by the minute, or the event.
Maybe we need to ask different questions, like… when did we decide that living in a cocoon, totally invulnerable to this risky thing called, “life”, was a good thing? When did we lose track of the fact that just waking up in the morning could be dangerous? What should we do… never get out of bed?? When did we start to forget that “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” isn’t just a cross-stitched motto our grandparents hung over their mantle, it’s a truth… When and how did we start thinking that the way to have great communities was to ensure that even those who don’t  venture, will still enjoy the “gains”? 
 The idea that we can protect ourselves all the time, from every possible threat is pretty unrealistic, and false… the truth would be kitchens without knives, forks, skillets, tables or chairs… hunters without a sport… peace-loving citizens unable to protect themselves from lawless predators, or a tyrannical government… people living as zombies. Walking and talking, maybe, but, without challenges, without the joy of achievement, without connections to each other because we’re so afraid of being hurt… no excitement, no fun.
If you’re reading this, you’re still alive. So it’s not too late to set yourself free, if you’ll just remember that when something bad happens, with God’s help, you’ll handle it. Meanwhile… go out and feel the wind blowing through your hair, enjoy the sun on your face, walk in the rain, play games with your children or grandchildren… Life’s knocking at your door… don’t be afraid to open it.
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