Monsters, Inc.

By: Mark Hyman

This is the face of a monster.

So is this.

And this.

The first two are the brothers blamed for the Boston bombing.  The last one is Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell ran a Philadelphia abortion clinic that catered to poor and minority women. Some as young as 14.  He’s been accused of killing hundreds of babies in illegal, late-term abortions.  And the deaths of two women. Some pregnancies were so late – only weeks before full-term — they required childbirth.  Then, he committed infanticide.

Even abortion rights supporters are horrified by Gosnell’s alleged actions.  The nearly 300-page grand jury report sums it up.  “His aim was not to give women control over their bodies and lives. … Gosnell ran a criminal enterprise, motivated by greed. … [I]t was ghoulish, dangerous and criminal.”

Office workers performed medical procedures. Administered narcotics.  Treatment rooms were littered with animal feces. Medical instruments were reused without sterilization. Linens were blood-stained. Women in labor were left alone overnight.

Very graphic photographs and testimony show barbaric conditions.

But it was only after intense criticism did national media begin covering the ongoing trial.  And just barely. [Still, liberal outlets such as the Daily Beast argue the Gosnell trial is not newsworthy.]

If the victims were puppies, spotted owls or baby seals there’d be wall-to-wall coverage.

It’s another example of media bias of refusing to report a legitimate national news story.

[A compelling documentary on the horrors that occurred at the "Women's Medical Society" can be found here.]

About The Author Mark Hyman:
Mark Hyman hosts "Behind the Headlines," a commentary program for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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