Tiger: New Rules for Different Players. It is Just like the Constitution!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Tiger is one of the best players in the world. But just like you and me he puts on his trousers one leg at a time. The Masters of 2013 turned into a circus when Tiger signed his scorecard which technically was not correct.


Let me try to explain how golf works. Basically there is a rule book that is at least an inch thick. You wonder how a simple game like golf can have so many rules. Look at ObamaCare! It should have been a couple pages long… It is now 20,000 pages and growing. You know how many crooks will get rich with just ObamaCare alone?


Golf is different. It was the one sport where intent was not an excuse. It didn’t matter what the intent was. If it happened that was it… a penalty was incurred.


For the amateur, for the most part the rules are not all that exact. Once you start messing with a handicap to level the playing field the results may not always be satisfactory to everyone. But maybe there is no intent to do so. We just want to be able to fill a golf course with as many players as we can and make the results as equitable as possible.


For the professional it is totally different. No handicaps available. and the rules are pretty much as you see them. One of the main problems for the pros, is that it is a game of inches if not millimeters. And once a mistake is made, and the player has moved on to the next hole and hit his first shot, you can’t go back to the previous hole for a do over. And if the player signs a scorecard which contains an error, how do you go back and correct the error. Well you can’t. And that is why the rules were that the player was disqualified. And history has shown that players were disqualified because they made a mathematical error which was smaller then the margin they would have won the tournament by, but they were disqualified anyway.


So the liberals got involved with the golf rules and made some changes to give the rules committee some wiggle room to let a player like Tiger get away without being disqualified. So if Tiger was disqualified what would have happened. One fear would be that all the Blacks in the gallery would have started a riot all ten of them. People would have stopped watching the Masters. The sponsors would have pulled out of the event. And Tiger would be marked absent for the weekend play.


Now if Tiger was not disqualified, what would happen if he did win the Masters? Fortunately he lost and only won $352,000 for his effort and probably a ton of money from his sponsors.  But what has it done for the game of golf?  Some other player would have won the money… is this another form of liberal  affirmative action?


When Clinton was caught lying and cheating, it was ok. He was a liberal and Hillary had no complaints. She disposed of the cigar wrappers.


One of the basic rules of golf is that you can’t move your ball to a better position to take advantage of the situation especially when you are beyond the bounds of the rules.


What Tiger did was drop his ball in the wrong place. What if he dropped the ball in the correct place and hit the flagstick again and it landed in the water again. He would again be able to drop the ball in the same place and hit again or go to the drop area and hit again while adding strokes to his score. He may actually have holed out on the first penalty shot. So that’s the problem. We don’t know and for the professional golfer we are talking about millions of dollars being at stake. If Tiger was disqualified other golfers would have made more money. The rules committee didn’t seem to care because it involved Tiger!


Old-timers like Nick Faldo said Tiger should disqualify himself. But on Saturday morning there was Tiger playing golf at the Masters. It was like Obama. If the constitution doesn’t fit his policies just ignore it. By the time Congress and the courts get around to correcting the Obama errors… Irreversible damages will have occurred! The bottom line is if another player white or otherwise had done the same thing would the rules committee be as lenient and let the golfer play with only a 2 stroke penalty and no disqualification? Reparation may have been at play.


Unfortunately Golf was the last entity where the player takes full responsibility. As we look at the US Constitution we see folks like Obama wanting to re-write the constitution. And anyone can re-write the constitution if they follow the rules. But Obama has shown time and time again that the rules are there just for show. With enough liberal executive orders and liberal judges and politicians anything is possible.


Obama does not take responsibility for not passing gun control laws. He blames the Republicans. Shouldn’t he be blaming the voters for putting the Republicans in power. But Obama conveniently fails to see that his gun control laws would have done nothing to prevent another Sandy…. So why would Obama want to spend millions on background checks when the money wasted would have no affect on getting the guns out of the hands of the robber, the rapist and the murderer. Most gun violence is achieved with illegal guns. There were no background checks preformed on those gun owners. And once Obama had his way, he would just add the fee for the background checks on to the licensing fee of legal gun owners.  And this would be a deterrent to the rights guaranteed by the 2nd amendment… but for Obama that does not apply to him and his policies.


Obama will probably blame the Boston bombing on President Bush, Just maybe Obama should be focused on the private sector economy and protecting the homeland.


All we see on the tube is Obama traveling around the world. Making speeches and spending taxpayer money. While only paying 18% in taxes on his own income. If only we had the Buffet rule? If we did, it would not apply to politicians especially while their lips were moving.


So the press had a great weekend talking about golf and as they  put it the Almighty Tiger. Unfortunately many women are no longer fans of the almighty one. Some actually watch to see him lose. Other have totally lost interest in the Tiger and golf.


But when Adam Scott finally sunk  the winning putt in the last tie breaker hole the noise from the crowd Black and White seemed to be as loud as ever. Maybe next time the rules committee should follow the rules. There were many judges around that would have advised Tiger before he committed the error. A mistake is a mistake and there are no do overs in golf.


For Obama everything he does is a do over. Obama takes no responsibility for his failures as a leader. It is time to make sure that the next congress will be more Republican/non-liberal to play the role of checks and balances that has been absent for most of the Obama almighty monarchy!



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