Unthinking Liberals

By: Joe Boyd

Being a Democrat is easy. It takes thinking and effort to be independent.

My mother recently passed away. My father worked for the school district and my mother was a state employee. Having government employees as parents and attending awful public schools, I guess I should have been a good liberal and worshipped government instead of educating myself with math and economics. What saved my life was attending a private high school and getting a real education.

Me not being a shallow unthinking Democrat was a disappoint for my mom. However, she still loved me. She cared deeply about people and in her social work tried to make a difference. Her mistake is that she thought government would provide the solutions to make people’s lives better. We all know government rarely makes people’s lives better (except for those in government) and usually is the source of misery.

Most of us care about people and want to help others. Where we often differ is how we should go about it. Do we use government and suffer corruption and national bankruptcy? Or do we use individual efforts in communities and private charities and churches? One way is forced, not charitable, impersonal and fraught with politics, dependency and ideology. The other way is through freely giving, loving, spiritual and individually rewarding.

Young people should all be politically agnostic since we are all naïve when we are young. I do remember as a young adult in my twenties reading the local paper or watching the news and thinking how they either omitted issues or came to the wrong conclusion. I have written letters to newspapers and told them they were trying to tell us how to think instead of presenting facts and letting us do our own thinking and analysis. Maybe they weren’t trying to shape public opinion but were just unthinking and blind to all sides of an issue.

My mother and I rarely discussed politics or economics. Why would we? While I studied economics and finance to the best of my ability she firmly followed every liberal mantra. She would avoid any news or information that was not in sync with liberal ideology. A steady diet of PBS, Mother Jones and network news was safe. Any media that had conservative ideas was to be avoided and denounced, even if it offered a liberal view as well. I think this explains the liberal hatred for Fox News which employs both liberals and conservatives. A conservative can hear liberal views and  recognize emotional dogma and the fallacy that government will save us from everything. But if a liberal hears conservative views they will need to put forth effort to defend their positions. It’s much easier to hurl a name and keep your brain closed than to open your mind to think and defend your positions.

Although my mother worked in government and wanted to make other people’s lives better she also belonged to a union and wanted to make the most for herself. You can’t have it both ways. Either you are involved in a charitable endeavor or you are out to make profit for yourself. In the private sector you can get rich by delivering what other people want. They will voluntarily give you their money for the product or service you provide. In the government sector if you are actually working for the public good you will take as little as possible for yourself. People involuntarily give government money and government workers try to keep as much as possible for themselves. Do we think this is a good model for doing public good?

The public treasury seems to belong to government workers instead of the citizens. If taxes or spending are cut or even threatened to be cut the government apparatus will try to inflict pain on the people. Witness the current flight delays due to air traffic controller furloughs. The government can choose to cut any area of government but will only cut in areas to inflict pain on the citizens in hopes of getting more money in the future.

In government programs there is no correlation to what you pay and what you receive so the country is heading to bankruptcy. Any government program is a bad idea simply because the government is unable to manage any program. Audits of government programs and departments are impossible since they can‘t trace where the funds go. Is this what a thinking person would recommend to solve the world‘s problems?

In government they are profiting from the people. The receivers in government  always get needier and the payers always need to pay more. This model always collapses because math never lies. In a government model the profit from government will run out since there is never enough to take to satisfy the government desires. If an unthinking person thinks government can solve everything then there will always be more problems than funds available to try to solve them.

Growth in government is always good to an unthinking person. A growing government always destroys the building blocks of society–community, family, church and charitable organizations. These building blocks prevent and solve problems. However, if government does everything I can just sit back and receive. No need to work or contribute or tithe. Or think.

Being  Democrat is easy. It takes no thought and you are always accepted. Staying immature and childlike is safe and comforting for most people. Me, I want to get the most out of my brief time on this earth. That takes effort and thought.

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