The Insanity of the Plan B Order

By: Mark Hyman

A 16-year old cannot see an R-rated movie without parental guidance.

Many public schools prohibit a 17-year old from taking a Midol without a note from both a parent and a doctor [examples are here, here, & here].

Even I’m not allowed to buy Sudafed and similar cold remedies over-the-counter without providing identifying information.

However, any 15-year old girl can buy an abortifacient — a drug that induces abortion — without parental consent. So says the Food & Drug Administration.

The FDA ruled the Plan-B pill should be sold over the counter to any girl 15 or older without parental knowledge following a judge’s [Federal Judge Edward Korman's] order of no age restrictions.

[Those who worship the religion of abortion (here, here & here) in which it is their dogma the abortion procedure should be available to anyone of any age, at any time and without any restrictions whatsoever are no doubt cheering the judge's order that Plan B should be dispensed without question to minor-age girls and without their parents' knowledge or consent.]

Let’s set aside the abortion issue for a moment.

There are bureaucrats who believe parents have few — if any rights — when it comes to raising their own children.

Days ago, a California couple took their 5-month-old to the hospital with flu-like symptoms. When doctors began discussing heart surgery the couple took the infant to another hospital for a second opinion. That second doctor sent the family home satisfied the baby wasn’t in danger.

But the following day, police officers burst into their home without a warrant and on the orders of child protective services — who never examined the infant –and seized the baby.

Government bureaucrats claim they know better than the parents and the doctor.

The Plan B order is the same insanity.

About The Author Mark Hyman:
Mark Hyman hosts "Behind the Headlines," a commentary program for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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