Is THIS the Best We Can Be?

By: Patti Bankson
A gazillion discussions/arguments have been had over time about how our world, and Man, came to Be. Creation? Or Evolution? Before going on, you need to know I believe you have the right to believe whatever. You can believe your ancestors used to walk upright, dragging their knuckles on the ground, and somehow managed to manipulate themselves into who Man is today, if you choose. If you want to believe you came from chimpanzee’s, who are smart, (but not even as smart as dogs), fine. Personally, I believe we’re here because we have a Creator, God, and I also believe in your right to be wrong. BUT! That’s not my point. My point is that I’d like to see those who are so passionate about the Evolution of man, become just as passionate about the Devolution of Man. And, I’d like some clarification: If apes were able to “decide” to become man, why can’t the man they’ve become “decide” to be their best man possible, instead of what we see, not just in our history, but, also in our culture today, which has quite rapidly devolved into an undisciplined hoard of cheaters, liars, bullies, narcissists… people who are willing to run roughshod over anyone who stands between them and their goals. And those are just some citizens. Too, too many of our leaders are all that, and then some. They’ve passed laws that don’t benefit average Americans, as much they do the legislators. They have the guavas to take our money on a whole-scale level, then, spend it on whatever they want. They’ve moved from petty larceny to grand larceny, all the while telling us how they think we should live with what’s left when they’re done. Is This the Best We Can Be?
Governments/Courts currently, and in the past, have decided that babies can be murdered for no reason. Sure, there’s the health of the mother, but taking a look at the so-called doctor in Pennsylvania, Kermit Gosnell… he and his employees, not only killed babies after they were born alive, but at least one mother, as well. He should get as much compassion as he showed all those dead babies. And, if his jury lets him walk, it will be a huge miscarriage of justice. P.S. The fox (Planned Parenthood) has been charged with over-seeing the hen house… is that making abortions “safe, and rare”?  Is that the best we can be?
How about government ruling to the point where a mother with a sick baby, told he needs open-heart surgery by one hospital, takes him away from that hospital, and goes directly to… not a foreign country, or another state, but directly to another just-as-reputable hospital, for a second opinion, has him snatched away by Child Protective Services (what a joke!), and threatened with jail if she doesn’t just give him up. They won’t even tell her where they’re taking the baby! Can you say “Police State”? What’s doubly horrible here is that this baby’s parents fled their home country, Russia, to escape that very kind of government. Not just ironic, but shameful, as well. Is this the best we can be??  Without God? Yes.
P.S. To all Mothers out there who are being the best they can be, Happy Mothers Day!
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