Lazy People and Government Masters

By: Joe Boyd

When only Democrats are left, you have moral and financial bankruptcy.

Lazy People

I don’t want to live with lazy people. Whenever I ride the subway outside of regular commuting hours I see lots of people that seem to have no direction in life. They have this great gift of life and they seem to be throwing it away. They are often dressed like slobs, sometimes smell bad and really don’t seem that interested in doing their best everyday.

At a fast food restaurant the other day, I waited forever while people in front of me decided their orders. They didn’t seem to value their time at all or the time of others. I looked around and saw people dressed poorly, even slovenly and they are not maximizing their time or life experience. Aside from the employees, there didn’t seem to be any professionals or people with ambition, dreams and goals.

Before you can call me a racist I’m talking about people of all races. People with tattoos and piercings and faces on their arms and people that just look dirty. I would suggest to young men you think twice before putting those loops in your ears.

Time to move, you say? That is the plan. We live in California which is a Democrat state with the highest tax rates in the nation. High taxes are good for tax consumers–government employees, welfare recipients and those that just want to survive life instead of putting effort into having a great life experience. We will be moving to a low tax state soon.

What if the United States becomes Californified? What if Democrats have total control again (see Obamacare). If taxes and power are centralized in Washington then we will have nowhere to hide and will have to leave the country. My wife is an immigrant (legal) so she’s happy to leave. I would prefer to die in the United States as my family has been here for 300 years. If the 50 million or so illegal immigrants become citizens then we are probably looking at a Democrat majority for as long as they can give out food stamps, disability payments, SSI and Obamaphones. Forget the two party system and checks and balances. It will be government at the center of your life 24 hours a day.

Letting in lots of poor people from other countries will assure a Democrat majority. Letting in lots of highly-skilled people will assure the opposite. That’s why the government accepts the uneducated but forces the educated to leave after receiving their degrees. (With a degree in ethnic studies or something similar you are still uneducated). Letting everyone in and refusing to give them welfare would create a great merit-based society. So those that wanted to dress poorly and not work all day would be forced to either clean up and get a  job or leave the country for a more generous welfare state.

What if they can’t find a job in this Obama economy? More jobs would open up with less government regulation (see Obamacare again), lower minimum wage and just letting employees and employers enter into their own contract without the government interference.

Government Masters
We know from history that welfare states always collapse from the demands of the welfare recipients. Politicians are always happy to make more promises and to give the public money to voters. But eventually the promises can’t be fulfilled as the money runs out.

Some former great cities and states have lost most of the productive people. California, Illinois and new York are the trifecta of Democrat power and have a net migration. The productive people will leave while the welfare recipients will stay for benefits and to elect more welfare providers.

Where Democrats rule what you have left is moral and financial bankruptcy. Moral bankruptcy as people take whatever they can from the government, behave irresponsibly and don’t form intact nuclear families. Financial bankruptcy follows as the weight of the government largesse and welfare programs cannot be sustained when the productive few flee to stop subsidizing the lifestyle of everyone else. Some cities now primarily have tax consumers such as government workers and welfare recipients. Most of the productive people propping up the lazy have left.

The Democrat politicians are happy to have only lazy people so they have a dependent and captive population to vote for them. (If they are so lazy how do they get out to vote? I guess showing up once a year is worth it to get paid!) Running out those that do not vote for bigger government helps to assure them an electoral victory. However, it also assures a bankrupt government system.

We all want equal opportunity but we only want equal results with equal effort. Are these people pursuing education, spending leisure time learning and working and trying to find new ways to better their lives? I doubt it. We are all different and therefore will put forth different levels of effort. Equality as a goal is simplistic and stupid. It hurts the productive and helps the lazy. But that is great for a Democrat trying to get elected.

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