But now you do

By: Carolyn Hileman

You are a proud American you salute the flag with tears in your eyes. You have served your country well whether you wore a uniform or not. When ever you went to the polls you voted what you thought was best for America and when the time came to turn the page on an awful time in our past you took that opportunity. You had no way of knowing that the man you voted for would be who he is today, but now you know.

Spying on American citizens, using the IRS to target his enemies, allowing US citizens to die in Benghazi and lying to cover it up, investigating the AP and Fox news. I would venture a guess this is not what you voted for. And I would dare say that he needs to be removed before he assures that the United States of America does not have another black president for many years. You had no idea when you voted for him that he would destroy the reputation of the black people, but now you know.

Look around you; is this the America you remember? Is this the free country it was just few years ago? You had no idea then, but you do now and now is what will define the rest of your life. Do you just stand back and watch as pieces of her crumble until one of the pieces fall on you? Or will you call your senator or congressman and insist that man be impeached and convicted, him and all those who either participated or looked the other way.

Is this the future you wish to leave your children? Is this the legacy you wish to leave behind? That you watched as America burned and could not even be bothered to lift a pail of water. My Father would have voted for him, a democrat, a veteran a Christian and a wonderful family man. But I know if he were alive today he would be doing everything in his power to get him out of office before he destroyed what was left of his America. Will you stand too; will you protect your America? You had no idea that you had unleashed such havoc on our country, but now you do.   

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