Democrats Would Be Kings

By: Joe Boyd

When you aspire to rule over others you will ultimately lose your honor and your soul.

Why do people get into the business of government? The common response is “to make a difference”. But what that really means is you want to force other people to live as you want them to live. You want to take away their choices and force them to use specific products, specific foods and to obey whatever laws and rules you dream up. If you believe in freedom you cannot be a Democrat or a government employee.

Ruling over other people or controlling other people has never been a goal of mine. I would rather take away laws than add more. I would rather not give the police more power and reasons to arrest and fine the citizens. I would rather end government welfare programs than add more. I would rather shut down government schools than force more kids to go where I tell them. I would rather have a healthcare system where consumers can shop for services based on price and competency of providers. I would rather have a health insurance system free from regulation so I can pick and choose the coverages I want.

There was a good movie made in 1975 called “The Man Who Would Be King“. It starred Sean Connery and Michael Caine and was based on a Rudyard Kipling short story. In it the main characters become kings and are thought of as gods by some of the population. Alas, they are no such things and tragedy ultimately prevails.

When simple men make themselves out to be rulers and intend to tell others how to live tragedy will always prevail. Unintended consequences abound, even if the rulers have good intentions. Most often their intentions are to increase their own power and money. People in the business of government always want government to grow, to take more money and to take on more responsibility. The efficacy of the task or the consequences do not matter. What simply matters is that government can claim to do more and therefore can claim more resources.

It is virtually impossible to manage any program with 350 million participants. Smaller countries could possibly have federal programs that work but at much larger costs than if left to the local authorities or states. Any federal program is doomed to fail since the sheer numbers are unmanageable. Expecting the federal government to manage immigration, social security, medicare or any other program is a fool’s errand. All administration is best left to the states or even better, we privatize all entitlement programs since the country is on the path to bankruptcy. Most companies have now left the defined-benefit pension plan behind and have gone to a cash balance plan. Time for the federal government to loosen it’s grip on money and power and do what’s right for the people.

Government Aristocracy

Democrats often idolize Europe not only for their welfare state which keeps the subjects down but also because they have an aristocracy. American values prevent anyone from being better than anyone else based on either birth or position. Yes that type of equality is an American value but not the “equal results” equality.

This country was founded on the basis that we are all born equal at birth and what we do with our lives is our responsibility. We can pursue happiness at our discretion but we also pay the consequences for our actions.

This country was also founded to escape a king and his government. No one should ever be able to tell others how to live. If people are respecting the rights of others the government should leave them alone. However, the government is always after people for more money, more control of their lives and creating new rules for us to obey. When will the majority of citizens see that the people in government are not celebrities but are simply doing what is best for themselves and their business?

As they make more rules for us to supposedly obey, as they take control of more and more of our economy and our daily lives we clearly see the people in government are not our betters. Why do some people worship them?

Democrats are in the business of government. The people in government are forever making new rules for us to live by as well as new schemes for the government to collect money. It is often refreshing to have someone with no government experience get into politics. However, quickly it seems they learn to ignore the people and play the games.

Using the government to make as much as you can and to take as much as you can from fellow citizens is despicable but in a sense, royal as well. Real public service includes modesty and temperance and a moderate income and benefits.

Horses were made to be ridden. People do not wear saddles. People were made to be free from kings and human gods and government. My king is not of this earth. If we looked outside of government for solutions we’d find them in closing down government.

All we have to do is look up. He who came to save the earth will never bow down to any human. Neither should we.

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