Call 911 Or Buy a Gun

By: William P. Frasca

President Obama, the clueless Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, the mindless controlling Progressives always seem to come out or the woodwork, ready willing and able to violate the United Sates Constitution and our rights as American citizens. The second amendment unfortunately will always be in jeopardy, unless we stand up to manipulation forced compliance and tyranny.

The elimination of weapons will not deter violence or protect the populous. It will not keep the guns off the street; it will not stop murder or crime. It will definitely not keep it out of the hands of the deviant sadist and thieves that prey on the innocent. It will not guarantee safety and security, but it will leave us sitting ducks to all those coward barbarians obviously enhancing their immoral control over our lives.

While those on the left try to stupidly and idiotically attempt to confiscate weapons from the hands of the law abiding citizens and illegally issuing it into the hands of all unholy and the unscrupulous. They place roadblocks dressed as “sheep in wolves clothing” such as mandatory background checks. Sounds good, how anyone can be against background checks? The problem is how long will it take an individual to get a background check? One day, one week, one month or several years? In other words this is just another attempt of hiding gun control. While this process is going on your chances of owning a weapon are slim to none.

Let’s put it this way if you had to rely on the authorities and your local police departments to protect you in time of emergency situation, especially when an animal is attempting to break into your home threatening and violating your home, life, family and property. Then you might as well help them load your belongings into their truck and when they’re finished, dig a grave for yourself and your family. You’re at their mercy which is meaningless. History has proven with undisputed evidences that 911 calls are so inept with so many time consuming questions that they can’t possibly provide help on time to save your life.

The perfect examples of 911 calls going awry are recently documented events with Kris Benson, his wife Anna Benson and George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin shooting.

George Zimmerman self defense shooting against Trayvon Martin is a travesty of American justice. Certain Groups became judge, jury and executioner against George Zimmerman before all the facts were in and before the trial was even set.

Mr. Zimmermann that night contacted the authorities yet there was enough time for the conflict to happen? If George Zimmerman didn’t have a gun would he be dead instead of Trayvon Martin? If it was the other way around would this hennas act of violence committed by Trayvon Martin against George Zimmerman be condoned and justified by the liberal media press, The progressives, the Liberal Socialists Marxist Democrats and the people of color, because it was a so- called white man murdered by a black man? That same evening or the next day, the shooting made national headlines. George Zimmerman was somehow portrayed as an unstable coo-coo bird while the attacker Trayvon Martin was described as a choirboy

The question is? Is white life so cheap and meaningless? Does a Caucasian have to accept thievery, mental and physical abuse, even death at the hands of an aggressor as long as the perpetrator is a “person of color” or else be condemned as a murderous racist and immediately found guilty by the mindless demigods? Is the act of self defense totally out of the question? Would this be nationally televised or would Trayvon Martin be convicted before the trail was set, as did George Zimmerman, absolutely not? What ever happened to the true meaning “Justice is Blind”? Is this being replaced by political correctness?

Then you have Anna Benson going into the home of her separated husband, former N.Y. Met player, Kris Benson with a gun while wearing a bullet proof vest. Mr. Benson went downstairs and called the authorizes using the 911, emergency number. While his life was in obvious danger the operator asked him a multiple list of time consuming questions. If Anna Benson wanted to blow her husbands brains out she would have been given able amount of time, courtesy of the 911 operator.

Self defense and self preservation has been an accepted no nonsense unwritten law since the conception of time, and must never be undermined or infringed.

To be so naive as to claim the authorities and our government are capable of protecting us from harm or injury at the hands of the demented or violent offender is ludicrous. The best defense is a good offense, a gun?

Gun control is only used by any Government afraid of overthrow and civil unrest. Gun control protects the Government not its law abiding citizens?

Remember how well “Prohibition” worked in America, there were more drunks and crime. Alcohol was flowing like Niagara Falls. It stopped nothing; it created organized crime networks and criminal empires. It brought to power famous bootleggers with unlimited profit and power such as the notorious Al Capone from Chicago.

Defend the Constitution, this is the bible of the United States of America, without this precious document we are lost as a Nation. Never permit anyone or any group to violate any amendment to increase their power and control. Never allow them to violate our Second Amendment Right that guaranteed us by our forefathers, the “Right To Bear Arms”

Write, phone, e-mail, sign petitions, don’t back down, use any and all forms of peaceful protests and objections against gun control. The Second Amendment must always be Upheld and Never Compromised!

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